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Trisha (trishybaby) wrote,
@ 2003-03-09 11:07:00
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    Omg, last nite was sooo much funn! Curt came into visit me @ wurk around like 8pm or something n then Ashie came in around 8:30pm.. It was sooo hilarious! ;p After I got off wurk, all 3 of us headed up to Arby`s n goofed off.. It`s been a long time since I`ve had that much funn :D We needa do that more often.. When we were done, we went out in the parkin lot n Ash blasted "In Da Club" n we were dancin, lmao. It was a lot of fun... then Curt kept sprayin silly string everywhere lmao.. No comments there tho! :x

    Today I woke up around 10:30am n layed around for awhile n watched "I Love Lucy" n then me n my mom went to the movies to go see "How To Lose a Guy in 10 Days" @ 1pm.. That was a reallly good movie. You guys should see it!

    After the movies we went to the mall so I could get "8 Mile" on layaway.. n then we went into KB`s for a lil bit n then left. Around 4:30 me n my parents went out to dinner @ this Chinese place.. it was aiight I guess.

    Wellp, I gotta get goin.. I gotta wurk on this History project [I`m doin mine on Shirley Temple].. n it`s due this comin Thursday. Ttyls. Buhbyess! ;p

    Love always, T

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