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Trisha (trishybaby) wrote,
@ 2003-03-13 21:41:00
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    Heyys. Wellp, all today I did absolutely -nothin-.. Sounds like great funn, eh? Oh, believe me it was. Wellp, me n Ashie are gettin together Monday after skool. We're gunna go see "Serving Eva" or whatever its called.

    Me n Whit are startin to become closer.. For that, I am extremely thankful. We kinda drifted apart cuz I was spendin all of my time w/ Ash. But now since Ash n Tyson are together, me n Ash are still close.. but you kno how things change when a guy is involved. But, I mean.. I understand it I guess... But, that gives me n Whit a chance to get things back to the way they were before :] I miss that...

    At 9 I was plannin on watchin CSI, but then Steph called [my sister's best friend n roomate] n she was like "Tell Trish that Eminem is on Ch. 5." So I ran downstairs n before I could even turn on the TV, my mom said I had a phone call.. Ash called to tell me the same thing Steph did lmao

    I kno I shouldnt say this.. but Ive been thinkin about my ex`bf a lot.. He is sucha sweetheart. Ive only known him less than a year.. but I dunno.. I keep comin back to him...

    Anyways, I got onLine for 2 hrs.. n Im bored outta my mind. Rite now Im talkin w/ Curt, n in a lil bit Im gettin off. I'll ttyls. Ooh yeah, Skool is CLOSED tomorro :D Sweet Dreams everyone!

    x0x0x to Justin Gamble n to my brotha Curt!

    Love always, T

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