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*[You dont know how lovely you are]* (trippinkitten) wrote,
@ 2003-12-14 20:27:00
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    * 10 random favorites
    1. Music(mostly punk rock and crap)
    2. my SIZZLE*
    3. PURSES....i LOVE PURSES!!!!
    4. Mac Donalds
    5. Marilyn Monroe
    6. my bed
    7. my friends (all or "get-togethers")
    8. going to concerts/shows
    9. watching jamie dance
    10. being what CHADELLES

    9 things you're looking forward to
    1. Winter Break in JERSEY!
    2. seeing my family
    3. hanging out with chad
    4. getting a car
    5. getting a JOBBBBBB!
    6. going to college
    7. my next cigg.
    8. my next meal
    9. the next concert/show

    8 things you wear daily
    1. my VANS shoes
    2. my nipple rings
    3. earings
    4. make-up
    5. a star necklace
    6. underwear....?
    7. clothes!
    8. my *sizzle* rings

    7 things that annoy you
    1. people who LIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    2. my mom
    3. kt
    4. not having a car
    5. not having a JOB
    6. my cat
    7. that im NOT good enough or pretty enough.....

    6 things you touch every day
    1. my self...LOL J/K
    2. my hurr
    3. cellphone
    4. wallet
    5. my nipples
    6. my bed..

    5 movies you could watch over and over
    1. nightmare before christmas
    2. bubble boy
    3. dazed and confused
    4. office space
    5. jumanji

    4 of your favorite toys when you were a child
    1. dolls
    2. my red convertible barbie car
    3. fisher price cook set
    4. my teddy bear..i STILL have

    3 people you have kissed recently
    1. CHAD!!!!!!
    2. no one eles worht my time....
    3. "

    2 of your favorite songs at the moment
    1. coldplay - clocks
    2. Thursday - signals over the air

    1 person you could spend the rest of your life with*
    1. Chadelles....but since i dont have that luck... MY SIZZLE!*

    alright...OFFICALLY off grounding!!!!!

    love you all. it was nice to see the spics back out partying. you know how they got too good for us love you guys.

    Love always,

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2003-12-14 21:45 (link)
was nice to see the spics back out partying -- nice to be back :)

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Blurty sucks
2003-12-15 18:13 (link)
Yea i was nice to hangout again to!!!! But you should get a Live Journal!!! i only come on blurty to read yours and megan you both need live journals!!!!!!

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