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whats my name again? (triottopiccolo4) wrote,
@ 2003-11-12 09:15:00
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    Current mood: peaceful
    Current music:fly me to the moon- frank sinatra (how appropriate)

    dear you,

    i want the lead in the musical, so i can sing and dance and act opposite you. i want to feel how it is to be with you on stage and sing with you, act with you and we can have that chemistry onstage that we have in real life. i want to go for a mysterious drive with you on a summer night, and end up in a deserted field somewhere with a blanket and something yummy to drink. i want to go to that little restaurant down the street and order chocolate cake and then force you to eat some every day of the week. i want to sing with you, and dance with you. i want to stand there and sing "til there was you" til we cant remember the words anymore. i want to sing for your band. i want to play the bass so we can jam together, i want you to teach me how to play more guitar. i want to be with you. just be, without any strings attached. i want to be with you all the time, and when im not i feel half of me is missing. i want to feel these emotions forever, i dont want to stop feeling like this even though it scares me half to death.
    why cant i spend my entire day with you, eating pasta watching stupid chick flicks and listening to fiddler on the roof at the loudest volume on the stereo?? why cant i come home with you? why cant i lean on you up against a wall somewhere and bury myself in the way you smell... that mix of cigarettes and i dont know what that i love soooooooooooo fucking much for hours at a time? why cant i go home with you and fall asleep snuggled up against you under the blankets listening to frank?

    love, miss adormable

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