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Trinette Rani Johnson (trin20t) wrote,
@ 2009-02-28 16:57:00
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    Current mood: drained

    Idiots in Millvale think I don't know...
    I said this so many times. They don't think I know they are evil and lying and nay-saying to make themselves look important,in the projects! They make up lies and bullshit about seeing me walking around naked or half naked in my house. Yet we all know they aren't no fucking Superhuman niggas,with x-ray vision and all that shit. Nor are there any cameras installed in the walls here for CMHA to allow fancy/smancy Big Brother type shit either on me. Yet,these asshole half-wits continue to hoard around these lies from person to person just to justify the fact that I made fun of them world-wide and that they aren't "all that". Talking about, "she has no idea how to do anything but talk about people. People all around the world talk about that fat girl". Right! When did I become world-known for stupidity? People around the world don't even own food,alone a computer to get online and see my fat ass. And they are worried about dying of disease,not about some fat ass half a world away! Atleast I don't have to make up retarded shit about seeing some fat 'ho walking around naked,when I've never put one toe in her apartment! Where's the info on this anyway? Where's the video and pictures of me naked at? Nowhere as far as I can see. And they have the nerve to put CMHA's Millvale office staff in their garbage too. Talking about,"everytime I take her pictures to the office,they act like they don't know who that fat girl is." That's because the staff there knows you all got a serious problem. And they wonder why you took my pictures off my sites without my permission? I doubt they even go to the office about this crap. They don't wanna look retarded like they sound. And lately,they are still running off at the mouth inside and out their apartments about me posting up some white dudes cock on my Livejournal profile page. Something that happened like two years and five months ago. A page they just had to go and visit along with my profile,because it is well hit on Google and Yahoo searches. Talking about,"she loves white guys",and "she's nasty. She had a guys cock up on her page and talks about people. She's nothing but a 'ho!" Right! It was all a plot. I figured these fools couldn't act grown to save their lives. I posted the cock pics openly to catch foolish people and hearsay. It's okay to post adult content on Livejournal,as long as you say it is adult. Which I did. I also had a Ning community also for men whom show 'it' off called COCKLOVERSCENTRAL.NING.COM. All while it was up,my regular website was clean and getting all the hits. I also at the time was heavily into my nightly anime viewing. Oh yeah,they still act stupid about that too! Talking about,"that bitch love her cartoons",or "you know she's crazy looking at guys cocks and cartoons." Please! Crazy is as crazy does. And again I'm not getting into some neighbors life and running my mouth trying to act better either,all while being immoral. They need to wake up! These aren't no kidding cartoons I watch and read either! These are porno 'toons or hentai. Or Shonen-ai and yaoi with gay boys. Straight from Japan! And as for me liking cock,so? I have nothing to hide. Most Lesbians want to grow a cock anyway and use double-tipped dildos on themselves and their lovers! Some even wear strap-ons! I'm no child or fourteen-year-old. I am a woman. I read books on sex even. I know guys in the porn buiness and gay guys who take shots of their cock on DeviantArt for money. I know all about S&M,BDSM,sex toys,and of course cocks! Sex sells! But these people don't know shit about good sex nor how to make money from it,yet have bastard kids they live off of strung out with ADHD. They are pitiful and suffering. Yet they think I'm not supposed to talk. I have it easy though. My family supports me. And I am known world-wide for my art,poetry,music,blogs,and sexuality. They are not! Also,although very open about myself online,I keep a very closed and personal persona offline. What I seem like,is not really who I am. This place has a rep a mile long of ignorant older people,welfarish teen girls with kids,gun-toting drug dealers/gangstas and drive-by shootings gallore! Boys act like men,and men like boys! One thing that made me laugh was the new drug-selling fool over at 3239 and his girlfriend,and heir drama. Her boyfriend looks like a wanna-be T-Pain or Lil Wayne. He acts stupid and emotional. He talks so loud that me and my mother both wake up and wonder what is wrong with his ass. Always showing out with his girl. And she gets mad cause I call her a 'ho. Well,she has like three kids on welfare,can't provide for herself in the real world,has little real-world trade skills,and has a drug-dealing boyfriend! And worst,this slut tries to name me as a 'ho! WTF? I have no real life offline period. No kids,no boyfriend,no job,basic education and trade-skills. I'm an angel free from sin compared to her and most people period! But I can act devilish now can't I? Idiots!

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