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Joli (tresjolie) wrote,
@ 2003-09-08 22:13:00
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    Current mood: blank

    On the subject of school-monster
    Ok so now im five school days into school, so i figured it was time to update yet again. I have decided i CAN NOT!!! wait until college. It is going to be amazing, and i want to go right now! but seeing as how that might be difficult, here are my thoughts on school

    1. getting up at 7 bites the big weenie.
    2. Mr. Ciavara is the shit
    3. Ms. McLeod is the shit
    4. Despite Ms. McLeod being the shit, AP American still sucks
    5. I hate volleyball.. it is boring, and i sit on the bench, and it is a waste of my time
    6. I dont have enough time (see above)
    7. I am looking forward to all my clubs..(democratic congress, ursus, byp)
    8. There are not enough people in my classes... (i mean come on, health with kevin angley and matt manfolk as the only juniors.. god give me a break)
    9. Ms. Higgins is cool, and has really cool shoes. I don't think she has repeated a pair yet. I will keep you posted.
    10. I am tired

    so... about college

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