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Joli (tresjolie) wrote,
@ 2003-11-08 00:25:00
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    Inspired By A Sweet Sixteen Party
    i just found this.. i wrote it at the end of the summer, and i remember exactly why

    I am definitely a people watcher. Some people are do-ers, some people are watchers. I am a watcher. I find the activities and exploits of all parts of the human race endlessly fascinating.

    That said, I think my favorite segment of society to watch is the one to which I belong, God’s mystifying oversight, the adolescent female. Any one who has ever been or spoken to one will tell you that teenage girls are a species to themselves. Obsessed with image, celebrities, and the opposite sex, they live out the last part of their childhood in a blur of flashy lights and colors, driven by their ultimate goal, to be queen of all the others. Wanting to be the best.

    I am not immune of course. Don’t think I’m writing this because I feel that I am above it. I have no call to be condescending because I too indulge in makeup, puppy love crushes on movie stars, and designer pair of shoes or two. No, I am merely making an observation. Similar to the caveman hunting for his next meal, it is written in our DNA, our instinct, to be the best by any means necessary.

    This may not seem like a reflection on the world, or society as a whole, but in a way it is. They say that teenagers are the biggest marketing subdivision in the world right now, but really it all stems from teenage girls. They buy things with their daddies money, grow to be adult women who buy things with even more of there own money, and do you really think guys would buy half the stuff they do without girls around to impress? At a time when girls have more opportunities then ever before, they are a shiny haired, fresh faced, Calvin Klein-size force to be reckoned with.

    As I get dangerously near the peak of my teenage years, I find myself surrounded by extravagant birthday parties, prom dress catalogues, and pink tinged school supplies, and I am finally beginning to be ok with that. I continue to observe my colleagues, but with increased participation comes increased understanding of the motives and importance behind it all. Watching other girls has taught me about myself, and for that, Johnny Depp movies, and Steve Madden I will be eternally grateful

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