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Agnes (traveller) wrote,
@ 2003-10-23 14:09:00
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    Current mood: disappointed
    Current music:Alex To & Tracy Su's 愛你讓我勇敢

    Hating myself...
    Looking at my friends' online journals, I wonder if I am really that insignificant in their hearts. They hardly have mentioned about me in their journals. Ok... I know that I hardly contact them... but I still think they have just forgotten me... almost totally. I must admit that I am not the kind who does sweet talking or acts cute like everybody's business. So this can easily prove why I am not remembered by them... ya. I will say that I am bad tempered, unstable in emotions and sometimes stubborn. Sigh...

    Anyway, it seems like I am not going to do well in my promos. Though I have really studied hard for my promos, everything is still not right yet. Hmm... I wonder how my teachers are going to do with my promos on the coming wednesday. Now... the only thing I can do is to pray and enjoy a bit... ya... to reward myself of working hard for promos...

    Why is me myself?

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Xinran... finally huh? haha
2003-10-28 06:13 (link)
Relax... Just becoz i din mention u in my blog doesn't mean I've forgotten anything... Though i am a blur head... haha... Dun worry abt ur promos la... It's already over and done with. If you really need to worry, worry abt other things. Dun think about the things that are already over. Life is good... Don't talk about dying... or I'll really get angry.
Anyway, it's been a while since I came here and I was like... Wow... Haha... i think with your entries, I can go talk about music with my classmates... Obviously, I am not a big fan of music/movies etc.. haha... I am anti social as usual..
Yea.. My life had been pretty busy, and i think it will continue to do so for a while.. or till i die of exhuastion... haha... But I'll slack here and there to make up for it. haha...
Relac one corner la... ^____^
I saw abt the guy whom your frends tease u with. Aiya... Dun bother la... Good frends are good frends mah... let them tok cock lor... In the end, what matters the most is your relationship and your ability to open up to someone else and to trust someone else. If you can do so with him, why not? No one says gers n guys cannot be just good frends. i happen to have more good guy frend around ajc. But most are in j2.. so they'll be leaving soon. Sigh...
Haha.. My mom scold me liao.. Have to go eat dinner. Anyway, take care.

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get over yourself.
2003-10-31 00:10 (link)


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