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T r a n q u i l i t y (tranquil_mind) wrote,
@ 2003-06-05 16:15:00
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    Whelp.. I still haven't receive any sort of response from the school yet.. But considering that I just recently applied, I didn't expect to get an answer immediatly. However, I've had about four people ask me I got an answer thus far, so perhaps I could be wrong.. I'm not exactly sure which way they're going to respond to me either, be it via e-mail, via letter, or.. just via phone. I'm sure I'll find out eventually, and hopefully it'll all be good news. I'm looking forward to going there and getting the ole' life restarted on a good note.

    I've decided that it probobly is a good idea not to get myself too worried about it.. Sean seems to be 100% sure that I'm going to be accepted, and he's a pretty level headed little negro, so I trust his judgment.. and even if I don't get accepted, I could always hang out at a community college in the area, and retake my SATs down the line, in the hopes of getting a better score. Of course, I'd rather just get all of this school stuff done as soon as possible -- I gotta get out of this damn house.

    - Justin

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2003-06-05 17:43 (link)
Good luck with that stuff, man. :D ::roots::

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