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superduper partypooper (toxicdreamer) wrote,
@ 2002-12-16 19:42:00
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    Current mood:sicky
    Current music:babes in toyland - vomit heart

    .:to whom it may concern:.
    its for me. maybe him. not for you.
    if your really interested i'll add you but i dont give comments that often. pretty much never (unless i fancy you). if your one of my friends and ive deleted you its just because im a little self concious. no hard feelings.

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2002-12-17 13:21 (link)
i just wanted to tell you that all of the stuff fullofgrace wrote in her journal is bs =/
she started making fun of my friends and i to start it off with and she can kiss my ass for if my poetry
sucked it wouldnt be in books *growls*

meh, i see you dont have any friends that have posted =/ ill add yoo if ya want =) u seem nice to me

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2002-12-17 14:08 (link)
lol, try reading what she has said about you first before you going kissing ass darling. btw, toxicdreamer and I are best friends, so don't think she takes sides, go away now...

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Re: - toxicdreamer, 2002-12-17 16:09:59

2002-12-17 16:07 (link)
first of all just because your poems are in books doesnt make them good. ive had a bunch of my stuff published adn its all dog shit. but i guess it all depends on what kind of taste you have. i read most of your guys little disagreement argument whatever crap and it seems like to me there was a misunderstanding that got way out of hand and you should drop it. no good will come out of poking at this. it will never heal.

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2002-12-17 16:25 (link)
but but but!! I am your friend! remeber me?! I use too be your neighboor!! we use too go too movies and to the mall together!! you even shouted at me too fall before we met! members?!?! that was ummm 4 nearly 5 years ago! I've been your bestest budy since!! I'll do whatever it takes to be apart of the select few "toxicdreamer" friends!! I promise! you can count on me!! (and too numbness I said that shit too you not fullofgrace, and I stand by what I said)


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2002-12-17 16:27 (link)
*cracks up*

you think im buttering up?
funny how your friends with one of my bestfriends jess [polyster]
hm, wonder where the hell she pulled you outa

im sure my poetry is NOT crap to make it all clear
and fullofgrace, ur really sad...u got at all this shit over and over again, what are you 3? *rolls eyes*
let it be

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2002-12-17 16:49 (link)
dude, honestly I did all of that, it's rude too do this in rachaels Jounal, please if you want too bitch about it do it in mine. I have no problems talking too you about anything. just not here.

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Re: - toxicdreamer, 2002-12-17 19:16:30

2002-12-17 17:09 (link)
i am not the sand one you miniscule human being. if you care to discuss this than go where you were told to go, but do NOT make my best friend involved when she had nothing to do with this. You brought this conflict here yourself you insensitive bitch.

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Re: - toxicdreamer, 2002-12-17 19:17:14

2002-12-17 19:15 (link)
i didnt say yours was crap, i said mine was. and just that because something is published doesnt make it good. most places (websites mostly) will publish pretty much anything to try and con you to buy the 50 dollar book its inside. that doesnt necessarly mean you. just that you shouldnt base it being good on the sole fact that its published.
polyster is a very keen person. she doesnt have anything to do with what you guys were baggering about, either do i. im just kind of irked that you came to my journal bringing it here. i didnt say you were buttering up to me. i know you were just pleading you case. its fine. i just dont want to deal with it anymore.

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(no subject) - fullofgrace, 2002-12-17 21:48:23

2002-12-18 12:12 (link)
I sense angst in the force.
Although these are matters I haven't a clue about, It seems to be this brawl has lasted quite a while, and all of you need to sit and chat about it. yesssssssssssss. But don't yell at me!! That is just what me thinks :O)

Also, I know you will prolly not add me back, but if I may plead my case: I think you are one classy cat, and my name is Rachael!



Well, as fellow members of Bikini Kill I bid you adeu. :O)

Heart Rachael

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2002-12-18 15:58 (link)
bikini kill lovers with the same name spelled correctly.. i cant say no to that!
p.s. -i dont know that the other comments are about
p.p.s -youre a groovy cat as well

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Re: - cornflakegirl, 2002-12-18 18:01:36
Re: - toxicdreamer, 2002-12-19 01:44:09

2002-12-19 04:06 (link)
i added myself
how lame can i get

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2002-12-19 04:51 (link)
really lame
what the hell is your deal. lame-o

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(no subject) - dirtywings, 2002-12-19 11:21:59
Re: - toxicdreamer, 2002-12-21 14:31:39
Re: - dirtywings, 2002-12-31 08:49:12
Re: - toxicdreamer, 2002-12-31 15:05:11

2002-12-19 11:20 (link)
i got killed from your friends list. WAH.
lemme back..
please? :(:(

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Re: - toxicdreamer, 2002-12-21 14:40:20
(no subject) - newbreed, 2002-12-21 23:11:07
(no subject) - (Anonymous), 2002-12-21 23:33:23
Re: - toxicdreamer, 2002-12-22 15:39:46
(no subject) - dirtywings, 2002-12-29 07:08:50

2003-01-01 18:21 (link)
hey pooper scooper. o_0 this is numbchild from ujournal...i decided to let people know i have a blurty journal and i'm gonna add ya too! yay! eye balls on speed.

<3 to you

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Re: - toxicdreamer, 2003-01-01 21:31:43
(no subject) - perfectlyrotten, 2003-01-02 21:09:22

2003-01-11 20:39 (link)
*raises hand*

I'm a random person who added you.

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Re: - toxicdreamer, 2003-01-11 23:13:55
(no subject) - fragility_lily, 2003-01-12 09:33:25
Re: - toxicdreamer, 2003-01-12 16:33:05
(no subject) - fragility_lily, 2003-01-12 17:38:43
Re: - toxicdreamer, 2003-01-12 23:32:06

2003-01-18 21:14 (link)
please add me, i know im a loser, but i need friends,i hope your down, i am not a jiveass turkey :)
yay for you!

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Re: - toxicdreamer, 2003-01-18 23:04:46

2003-01-20 05:02 (link)
hi love, youre my only friend *giggle* i dont use blurty at all, lmfao im staying loyal to crappy ujournal but i just like to read what you write. . . and - stuff. i miss you!!!!!!!!! *liss pouts* but add me, add me!

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Re: rezzi!!!!!!!! - toxicdreamer, 2003-01-20 05:07:19
Re: rezzi!!!!!!!! - punchdrunkluv, 2003-01-21 08:26:10
Re: rezzi!!!!!!!! - toxicdreamer, 2003-01-21 16:11:47
Re: rezzi!!!!!!!! - punchdrunkluv, 2003-01-27 23:48:39
Re: rezzi!!!!!!!! - toxicdreamer, 2003-01-28 00:34:00
Re: rezzi!!!!!!!! - punchdrunkluv, 2003-01-28 21:31:44

2003-01-20 16:28 (link)
Hey. :)
Wil you please add me back?

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Re: - toxicdreamer, 2003-01-20 22:10:41
Re: - her, 2003-01-20 22:11:45

2003-02-01 14:38 (link)
hey it's gankogirl from livejournal. i too want to be able to read yur stuff. i have nothing up or no idea what i'm going to make of it (my blurty) but alas maybe i will get inspiration from you, muse!

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Re: - toxicdreamer, 2003-02-01 19:39:11

2003-03-02 12:55 (link)
rawr :D

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2003-03-18 01:56 (link)
I dont know if you would remember me, you certainly wouldnt remember the name. But i used to post you comments quite a little bit on live journal. I dont remember my name on there now, but we had quite a string going once or twice. Anywho, i always liked talking to you. Oh and btw, the way i found you is my girlfriend is on your friends list, as you are on hers (tragicdisco). I have had you on my aim for quite sometime but havent talked to you in a while, kind of afraid you will be weirded out by it. Oh, i know something you might just remember, i sent you a bunch of Invader Zim wavs, and you sent me some as well on my aim name PaInFuL420JeLlO. Anyway im rambling now. Im going to add you onto my patheticly short friends list and hope you do the same for me. Hope to talk to you again soon.

P.S. I used to make icons a lot and you would go look at them and tell me how pretty they were and such, lots of twiggy icons. Just thought maybe this all may spark your memory into remembering me.

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(no subject) - candiedhurt, 2003-04-04 16:01:28
Re: - toxicdreamer, 2003-04-04 16:08:03
(no subject) - candiedhurt, 2003-04-04 17:24:33
Re: - toxicdreamer, 2003-04-04 17:40:35
(no subject) - candiedhurt, 2003-04-04 18:11:42

2003-04-02 22:29 (link)
you seem pretty interesting.
*adds you*
if you don't mind i mean...

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Re: - toxicdreamer, 2003-04-04 00:04:26
Re: - cocainecleavage, 2003-04-04 16:32:59

2003-04-25 18:40 (link)
my sis would dig ya so i'm adding you for her :)

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Re: yep - toxicdreamer, 2003-04-25 19:04:00
Re: yep - ctpllrgrl19, 2003-04-25 19:41:55
Re: yep - toxicdreamer, 2003-04-25 20:53:52

2003-07-20 17:47 (link)
you suck

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2004-06-14 13:10 (link)
whats your name? who is this?

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