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Yuriko (touzokuou) wrote,
@ 2004-05-02 17:04:00
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    Current mood:relieved
    Current music:GARBAGE__androgyny

    Shipper List
    Like pharaohthief, I have complied my YGO shipper's list. I actually think it's shorter then imoutochan's. O_O

    Amoshipping » Jounouchi x Mai x Shizuka
    Apprenticeshipping » Shinkan Mahaado x Mana
    Ardentshipping » Honda x Shizuka
    Attachshipping » Mokuba x Kisara
    Azureshipping » Kaiba x Anzu
    Cheershipping » Otogi x Shizuka
    Copyshipping » Jounouchi x Mai x Anzu
    Crushshipping » Honda x Otogi x Shizuka
    Devotionshipping » Jounouchi x Anzu
    Fearshipping » Yami no Malik x Isis
    Halfshipping » Bakura x Miho
    Illusionshipping » Yami no Malik x Mai
    Kindleshipping » Kaiba x Isis x Malik
    Logicshipping » Shinkan Seto x Shinkan Isis
    Manipulashipping » Malik x Anzu
    Misguideshipping » Otogi x Rebecca
    Mizushipping » Shinkan Seto x Kisara
    Mythshipping » Malik x Isis
    Nellshipping » Noa x Amane
    Outcastshipping » Touzoku-ou x Kisara
    Peachshipping » Yuugi x Anzu
    Pixelshipping » Noa x Mary
    Pompshipping » Kaiba x Miho
    Relyshipping » Jounouchi x Shizuka
    Replayshipping » Yuugi x Rebecca
    Ribbonshipping » Honda x Miho x Otogi
    Rumorshipping » Kaiba x Kisara
    Shameshipping » Rishido x Malik x Isis
    Shieldshipping » Kaiba x Jounouchi x Shizuka
    Sombershipping » Bakura x Amane
    Spiritshipping » Yami no Yuugi x Anzu x Yuugi
    Stalkshipping » Kaiba x Bakura x Miho
    Vanishshipping » Pharaoh Atemu x Anzu
    Wintershipping » Mokuba x Amane

    Angstshipping » Malik x Bakura
    Antagoshipping » Yami no Bakura x Kaiba
    Bakushipping » Touzoku-ou x Yami no Bakura x Bakura
    Bickershipping » Malik x Jounouchi x Kaiba
    Blindshipping » Pharaoh Atemu x Yuugi
    Bondageshipping » Yami no Malik x Otogi
    Bronzeshipping » Yami no Malik x Malik
    Cageshipping » Yami no Bakura x Malik x Yami no Yuugi
    Candleshipping » Yami no Bakura x Bakura x Kaiba
    Carmenshipping » Yami no Malik x Kaiba x Yami no Bakura
    Casteshipping » Touzoku-ou x Pharaoh Atemu
    Castleshipping » Shinkan Seto x Kaiba x Jounouchi
    Chaseshipping » Honda x Otogi
    Clashshipping » Yami no Malik x Yami no Yuugi
    Corruptshipping » Touzoku-ou x Shinkan Seto
    Curveshipping » Rishido x Malik x Jounouchi
    Dangershipping » Yami no Malik x Kaiba
    Darkshipping » Yami no Bakura x Yami no Yuugi
    Diceshipping » Yami no Bakura x Otogi
    Dragonshipping » Jounouchi x Yami no Yuugi
    Dungeonshipping » Crawford x Otogi
    Euroshipping » Bakura x Kaiba
    Fadeshipping » Yami no Malik x Jounouchi
    Fakeshipping » Yami no Malik x Jounouchi x Malik
    Fetishipping » Yami no Bakura x Malik x Yami no Malik
    Fragileshipping » Bakura x Yami no Yuugi
    Furyshipping » Kaiba x Yami no Malik x Jounouchi x Yami no Yuugi
    Geminishipping » Touzoku-ou x Yami no Bakura
    Gemshipping » Touzoku-ou x Bakura
    Holeshipping » Kaiba x Malik x Yami no Yuugi
    Irateshipping » Malik x Jounouchi
    Kamishipping » Kaiba x Jounouchi x Yami no Yuugi
    Kickshipping » Honda x Otogi x Jounouchi
    Mastershipping » Kaiba x Otogi
    Mirrorshipping » Noa x Kaiba
    Misanthroshipping » Touzoku-ou x Yami no Malik x Yami no Bakura
    Mnemoshipping » Malik x Yami no Yuugi
    Mobiumshipping » Yuugi x Pharaoh Atemu x Yami no Yuugi
    Monarchshipping » Pharaoh Atemu x Yami no Yuugi
    Mumbleshipping » Kaiba x Bakura x Otogi
    Negateshipping » Yami no Malik x Rishido
    Ordershipping » Malik x possessed Jounouchi
    Petshipping » Otogi x Jounouchi x Kaiba
    Powershipping » Kaiba x Malik
    Prideshipping » Kaiba x Yami no Yuugi
    Psychoshipping » Yami no Malik x Yami no Bakura
    Puppyshipping » Jounouchi x Kaiba
    Revertshipping » Shinkan Seto x Jounouchi
    Ringshipping » Touzoku-ou x Shinkan Mahaado
    Ruseshipping » Rishido x Malik
    Scandalshipping » Shinkan Seto x Pharaoh Atemu
    Sealshipping » Shinkan Mahaado x Pharaoh Atemu
    Shellshipping » Crawford x Kaiba x Otogi
    Sickleshipping » Yami no Malik x Touzoku-ou
    Sirenshipping » Shinkan Seto x Yami no Malik
    Snareshipping » Jounouchi x Otogi
    Spazzshipping » Jounouchi x Yami no Bakura
    Standshipping » Rishido x Jounouchi
    Stepshipping » Noa x Mokuba
    Stoicshipping » Shinkan Seto x Kaiba
    Summonshipping » Yami no Malik x Rishido x Malik
    Tabloidshipping » Kaiba x Mokuba
    Tendershipping » Bakura x Yami no Bakura
    Thiefshipping » Malik x Yami no Bakura
    Toonshipping » Crawford x Kaiba
    Tornshipping » Yami no Bakura x Malik x Bakura
    Towershipping » Yami no Malik x Kaiba x Jounouchi
    Trackshipping » Shaadi x Yami no Bakura
    Wreckshipping » Yami no Yuugi x Yami no Malik x Kaiba

    Coinshipping » Anzu x Miho
    Crystalshipping » Mana x Anzu
    Cunishipping » Mai x Anzu x Shizuka
    Danceshipping » Mai x Anzu
    Dashshipping » Miho x Shizuka
    Doodleshipping » Rebecca x Amane
    Envyshipping » Anzu x Rebecca
    Mystshipping » Isis x Anzu
    Nurseshipping » Mai x Shizuka
    Orchisshipping » Isis x Anzu x Shizuka
    Paleshipping » Kisara x Amane
    Seershipping » Shinkan Isis x Isis
    Sideshipping » Anzu x Shizuka
    Sororshipping » Isis x Shizuka

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2006-09-05 17:59 (link)
Alright, another D/B fan! :) I ship them too. :) And Angstshipping as well as Tendershipping. Can I add you?

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