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Blessed By Her Loathing (toughguyshawn) wrote,
@ 2003-11-30 03:43:00
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    Current mood: crazy
    Current music:"Asshole" -Daughters-

    ...OMG HAHAHAHA...
    This Shit Is Too Funny I Just Found This Survey From Some Where, Its From Along Time Ago And It Has Such Irony Cause This Fucking Person Hates My Guts Now... You Probally Know Who It Is But I Was Kind Enough not To Put Their Name....


    > > >Am i cute?- Yea

    > > >Am i sweet?- Yea

    > > >Am i crazy?- Yea~!

    > > >Am i lovable?- Of course ; 0)

    > > >Am i funny?- Yea

    > > >Am i annoying?- nah, neva

    > > >Am i psycho?- maybe...hmmm... LoL

    > > >Am i daring?- yea, tippin' ova those garbage cans, u go

    > > >Am i a good person?- Of Course~one of the best

    > >

    > > >>******Would You******

    > > >Hug me?- Yea

    > > >Miss me if i was gone?- Of Course ::Sniff sniff::

    > > >Listen to my problems?- Of course...u've listened to enough of mine

    > > >Hug me if i cried?- yea, awww

    > > >Be a good friend?- Yes Of course

    > > >F**k me if ya could or wanted to?- yea~ but under 1 condition it'd have to be on my waterbed

    > >

    > > >******Would You (Opposite Sex Only)****** >

    > >Ever go out with me?- yea

    > > >If you already have would u do it again?-

    > > >Kiss me ((Really))?- duh~ in the mickey d balls remember ::wink wink::

    > > >Marry me if u could?(haha jk)- idk, mr. haeslin hasn't predicted good things for me in the marriage department... what an @$$~! LoL

    > >

    > >

    > > >>******How Well Do U Know Me?****** >

    > >When's my birthday?- Sept. 6th

    > > >How old am I?- 18

    > > >What school do I go to?- Round-a-bout Valley

    > > >Do i have any siblings?- step bros

    > > >Who was the last person I kissed? - hmm, don't know

    > > >Who is my best friend?- u have many

    > > >Who am i crushing on/dating?- ~I have no clue~

    > > >Favorite color?- blue ?¿

    > > >What is my worst subject?- haha i think it's earth science only cuz of the teacher

    > > >Best subject?- don't know

    > > >Am i still a virgin/Who was it? don't know

    > > >Favorite sport?- do u lyk sports??

    > > >Favorite TV show?- one of those nick shows...don't know which ones ur fav. Lol

    > > >Favorite song/songs?- don't know, u have a lot

    > > >Favorite music group?- urs, LoL idk

    > >

    > > >>******Who Am I****** >

    > >What TV star do i most remind u of?- LoL idk, ur 2 unique

    > > >What song would u dedicate to me?- *Personal* = ]

    > > >What famous person do I most resemble?- I told ya ur unique~

    > >

    > > >>******If You Could...******

    > > >Give me a new name it would be?- Bif ...LoL nah I don't know

    > > >Hook me up with someone(real) who would it be?(NON-MOVIE STAR)~ duh me... LoL

    > > >Do one thing with me it would be?- hmm, I will be a good gurl

    > > >Drop me one piece of advice it would be?- idk....Be Happy~

    > >

    > > >>******Just A Few Questions****** >

    > >What do u love about me?- Evrythang

    > > >What do u hate about me (seriously)?- nothin'

    > > >What is my best quality?- Your sense of humor

    > > >What is your honest opinion about me?- Ur a great guy that deserves a great gurl


    Anyway's That Shit Was Way To Funny, I Got More Shit Like That I'll Post Sometime Else But Yeah Tormmwro I'm hAnging Out With Angel And Then I Got A Show... Maybe I Should Just Hang Out With Angel... Yeah Maybe...

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2003-12-01 19:17 (link)
Nice black mail... i found ya some pix... ~ Erica

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2003-12-23 15:57 (link)
dude wow that was a bunch of bull shit wel should let her take the survey now itd all b the opposite, hmmmmm memories it seems it was just yesterday she was hittin on that ron chambers kid and then shawn corkrin.... man o man were does the time go, good thing ron has a beatafil g/f and shawn does now to... danyelle u need to hit on someone who really likes u.. for example... pat ames wtf r u thinking.... hes gay and fat and dirty well thats what phill beachel said hmm i always though phill was a fukin retart but i guesse he was right one time but ron did say he had nice fisherprice bling that was hot good thing shawn told em to say it
well iv had enough playin her PEACE

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2003-12-24 01:13 (link)
Ron And Shawn you both are assholes.

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person who called me and shawn assholes is a asshole ooooo played u
2004-01-10 10:22 (link)
ur a stupit face, person who called me and shawn assholes stupit head...

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