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the devil (tosterstruddle) wrote,
@ 2003-07-01 01:48:00
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    Current mood:I DONO A BUNCH OF SHIT

    i hate spencer!!!!
    ok this is what happend. i jus got back from being b w/ cristina and meagan. it was maaaaad fun. we were at albertsons and i was all sayign hello to this foolio so he starts walking over and it ll trying to get w/ us i was like ewwwwwwwwwwwwwww. and the we told him we coulnt talk to strangers and he was all im not a stranger u should get to know him and then meg was all i have a boi friend he gives me pleasure( ha ha ) then he was all ill give u pleasue! so thenhes all lookin at mah shoes and they have red laces and he was all u like red( I think he was a blood) and i was like no i hate red and then hes all u hate red? and then i realized what he was sayign and i was oh no i love it!so then finnally he left us alone. then we went to sonic and prank called sum ppl on cristinas cell fone and it was mad fun! ok but now ur prolly asking y mah subject says i hate spencer. this is y: ok i was online talking to ppl and all of a sudden the poser IMs me w/a fuckign gay ass sn. so then it wasnt spencer it was corrina. she goes to a different skew. ok so now shes all like y were u being mean to spencer but i dont think i ever answer, but n e who i IM jordan and im like spencers on but corrinas on her sn. so jordan IMs her and we both r talkign shit to her. well i have nuthing against corrina but the poser i hate. so then later we call them and they didnt expect it. so we call and spencer answers and then shes all whos this and im like jordan and monica. so then she gives the fone to corrina. well me and jordan are all well what the fuck talk sum shit. and they didnt. well corrinas all well im gonna get mah gang on u and shes all well its not mah gang its mah friends when im cool w/ her frind thats in the gangso she wont do shit to me. and then shes all what is the point of this and then im all i wanna know y were still talking to u and not spencer. so then like jordan was being funny and making fun of her sn by the way is like poser4u or sumgay ass shit like that.yeah it was funny. so spencer gets on the fone and shes all what the hell and then shes all what do u want. and then im like i wanna here u say every thing u said the nite b4 last nite. and the pussy ass bitch woulnd . so jordans tryin tio talk shit but the fuckign bitch wouldnt shut the fcuk up. so then she wouldnt say what she said cuz shes too fucking scared then she said u know what fuck uand then hung up! HOLY FUCKING SHIT!!! WTF WAS THAT!! SHES A FUCKIGN DOUCH BAG!!! SHE HUNG UP! THEN WE TRIED CALLING BACK AND SHE WOULND ANSWER!!! I WAS MAD PISSED!!! SO YEAH THAT WAS MAH DAY! PRETTY INTERESTING!! BUTIM GONNA GO NOW CUZ I TYPED TO MUCH!

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