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Left at bay. (toribeth) wrote,
@ 2005-01-10 23:24:00
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    Current mood: gloomy
    Current music:only one --yellowcard

    Meet me half way.
    Ahhh, Good Day turned bad, to the max. School is fine, i really can't complain, besides it was a normal monday at school. Hate those. Had some laughs. yeah yeah yeah. Then after school, while attempting to start getting ready for work, gary stops, which i totally wanted him to cause i wanted the christmas picture, which by the way, dont get me started on that. soooo i hear the door bell so i run downstairs, A cheery hey was given and recieved, picture was given to me, then i nicely replied with a thank you, and we both turn around and go our separate ways. However, the extremely big weirdo i am, i start shaking, i just wanna break down and cry, i just wanna turn around and yell for him to stop where he is. I get the picture and it feels kinda think something is in it..what could it be? hmmm..low and behold the cd his band made?? yeah i know?? what? i don't get it. is he trying to torment me or something? Honestly, he tells me that i never cared about his band, i never supported him in anything, i never gave a crap about anything he did, but he gives me a cd? don't get me wrong, i love his band, i cared about his band, and i supported him 137% in what he did. But why? why do you give me a cd of your band when you're trying to get across to me that we're going our separate ways. Please someone, am i in the wrong for thinking about it like this? i guess no one will really understand, cause no one knows our whole story. so i think about it for a while. then i go to dot lets continue my horrible night thats just begun, trav called off sick and no one else could come in, so it was me and edward *make me scream and rip my hair out* we get so busy that i can't go on break, i'm miserable, i'm tired, i just wanna talk to someone, i wanna talk to gary, but i can't. However, the lovely boy that Brandon is he sends me messages making sure i'm okay. Then he calls me, when i knew he was really tired and wanted to go to bed, but he called and talked to me because he knew i was having a bad night. I'm so excited for friday. But i'm going to bed, i have such a horrible headache, and i'm tired, and i should of been in bed as soon as i got home from work. I'll continue my ranting tomorrow, i have ohhh so much to say.

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2005-01-11 17:28 (link)
whos brandon?

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2005-01-11 18:56 (link)
I would have no problem telling you; however, i'm not going to tell some random person who is so curious about my life, and can't even leave their name.

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Re: hmm..
2005-01-11 19:02 (link)
hahaha!!! keep on smiling girl!!

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