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Emma D! or *katja *spunky/spanky *daisy *kristi (tootsiepop473) wrote,
@ 2004-06-12 11:19:00
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    Current mood: contemplative

    hey hey sorry here comes a quick one in english read those entries down therr too V but this one i forgot to say fri was so great cuz me n chels skipped first jeez mr gray such a dumbass! we walked and then went to library and made a SPunky n Spaz quiz and messed around then went to third skipped a lil of that by abusing a pass lol that WE signed n then english sub me n arielle had a blonde HILARIOUS half hour after lunch... FUN SHTUFF wait did i already type this in a previous entry... oh i dunno read it all and WOULD SOMEONE COMMENT I NEED LOVE YES YOU YOU CAN!!!^*~`ok i love you all ahn young!

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2004-06-12 21:48 (link)
finally english now i don't have to spend forever translating words like gekept rotf fun times man you're such a bad girl skipping man ich glabe, das spaz beeinfulssen slecht dich, aber das ist was dich neben. rotf i love you hun


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2004-06-13 19:31 (link)
haha sorry the german thing is working for me tho its just... urgh whatever haha i think with her i have a chance to let more of my badness out you see ive had it this whole time i love you too!!

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