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tonish74 (tonish74) wrote,
@ 2011-01-06 04:18:00
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thomas sabo bracelets
2011-08-09 21:08 (link)
We love fashion. We are fascinated by it, we are inspired by it.thomas szabo Every day of our lives. For us, it is a way of playing with our personality as fashion is not static, but changes and develops – just like our personality. thonas-sabo-pendantsThis is what our lives are about, this is what our work is about and this is also reflected in our collections.thomas sabo necklaces sale
Currently, the collections are split into three different areas: jewellery, watches and beauty. The style of our jewellery and watches collections is unique. The topics as diverse as life itself and always cutting-edge.thomas ring We always present our creations twice yearly in parallel with the major ready-to-wear shows in Paris, Milan and New York. The individual collections are designed to complement each other and can be combined or added to as desired. thomas watchesAs a result of their independent character, all our pieces are perfect for festive events and, of course, are stylish with business outfits or with leisure looks. They always remain part of your personality – regardless of the occasion.thomas brracelets
In the area of beauty, THOMAS SABO launched its first fragrance in August 2010. Charm Rose Eau de Parfum is an inspiring scent composition, thomas charms which expresses the entire, multifaceted world of THOMAS SABO. It is the essence of an attitude to life: the THOMAS SABO way of life. Be a part of it!thomas sabo silver

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