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tomatoes (tomatoes) wrote,
@ 2003-10-30 18:57:00
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    Current mood: happy

    Can you say hot? HOT! Burn!
    Wow. This is the longest I haven't updated and it's only been like, three days, so I'm doing pretty good, if I must say so myself. And I must. ;)

    So on Wednesday me and a friend went to Radio! It was PACKED, with mostly adults, and this guy walked in and I thought he was our teacher and I'm like "dood? where's my car?" Actually, I don't own a car, and I didn't think that. :) But you catch my drift. It was a good movie, but the best part was a football player called Johnny- played by Riley Smith! I'd seen him in Motocrossed so many times before, but I always forgot his name. Whoah. I just realized that I haven't wrote a lot of stuff, so I'll back up.

    Last year, there was a grade seven in our school (now gone to JH) who's name was TALON. Isn't that totally awesomely wicked? He was a total geek. Like, not unpopular, but well, nerdy looking. But his name was awesome! So I kept mouthing stuff like "I love you" and "you rock" whenever I saw him. I guess that got the wrong message across, but I'm in love with that name.

    In Motocrossed Riley plays a guy called Dean Talon.

    Now, before I talk about my newest obsession, you must know about Johnny Depp. :) Ya'll know who he is! This summer, my friend and I saw PotC and fell in love with him. We've seen SO many of his movies, I guess not even half, but it seems like a lot of money we spent. For months we've been in love with him. At our Thanksgiving Luncheon we baked a cake that said "Johnny Depp" on it and it was eaten first. Yay for us.

    Now it's all Riley. He's SO hot! And no one can bug us 'cause he's not 40, he's 21. And do you know what is also totally awesomely wicked? He. Has. The. Same. Birthday. As. ME! April 12th. Can you hear fate calling, 'cause I can. I just thought that was really cool.

    We had a volleyball game. We've only had one other (we play three times though), and we've lost all of them. BUT, we won one game this time! Go team go. It was great. And before we left, our guys' team was staying at our school, and this really hot guy walked in. There aren't any hot guys at our school. I was thinking, "Stay here while you're at it."

    Well, I'm happy, happy, happy. :D


    One last thing, we've had this cat for a while, that we found. My mom says it's just a really fat guy cat (it eats so much that our other cat barely gets anything - but it's not scared of our dog), but we all know it's a pregnant girl. :) We've had another pregnant cat before. It had it's babies in my bed. I was sleeping. In the same bed. o_o

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