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Tired (tired_n_lonely) wrote,
@ 2003-06-26 23:19:00
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    What a day!
    I spent the day out in the field playing soldier. I have a squad under me that is so green they can't walk without me telling them to move their feet. But oh well I guess we all have to start some where.. but enough of work stuff...

    LIfe is pretty cool now. I am single.. uh never been otherwise other than having a girlfriend here and there but never married. Just haven't found the right one yet or haven't found a girl dumb enough to think that Im the right one..LOL.. but oh well the search continues... but hey who is searching.

    I am enjoying single hood for now!

    So this is my life... single... looking for a girl to connect with.. intellectually.. spiritually... and I guess ;-) physically! shhhh but that is a secret...

    Well off to search further... if you find what Im looking for would you please leave me a note to tell me where I can find her!

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2003-08-06 12:17 (link)
Yes, I definatly know what you mean. I am Christian, and was raised in a Christian Home, I am deeply rooted in my faith, But I really do need a place to write things, that I could not let others read *lol* Don't want to ruin my witness, but sometimes I need to vent it out just so that I can get it off my mind :) Sorry it took so long to respond to your note

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