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tiney beary tinie (tinetine) wrote,
@ 2004-01-19 12:58:00
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    Current mood: groggy
    Current music:Sugababes - Too lost in you

    Yayy CNY is coming real soon! Can't wait for the reunion dinner at home - bbq steamboat! Yum. Hope everyone can be around this time, all my sisters, my army boy brother & of course my folks. Let's go angbao-collecting one day hor! Haa~

    Recently beginning to feel that time is not enough. I wanna tidy my wardrobe cos my mum tidied it & I don't know where to dig for my clothes & bottoms! -.- Should clean my pc too, both hardware- & internal-wise. And my cupboard. I seemed to be the last one to do spring-cleaning. And worse, I don't have sufficient clothes for the new year. And my web layout is not done~ Ahh! Where to find enough time! If only I'm on leave... I'll have a proper sleep.

    YZ haven't hung out with us for a long time. Hey pal how's your leg? And be happy, that's the most important. Don't let things get you down, show that you can overcome them!

    Cin, I haven't msn and have a proper chat with you for a long time too! Know you're busy, catch up again when you're more free & see u for our SAT test!

    To the rest and everyone: It's a new year (chinese wise) and I bet this year will be a better one for all of us. Things never stay the same, so all we can do is learn to grow with the changes and refine ourselves! Hahaha, as usual, looking forward to all new things that come our way.. and our friendships..

    Gong xi fa cai. =D

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2004-01-19 01:07 (link)
gong xi fa cai too sweetIe~

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2004-01-20 23:05 (link)
happy chinese new year!

gong xi fa cai.
nian nian you nu.
xin nian kuai le.
fa da cai.

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