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*AgHoSt2tHeWoRlD..ThE FuNeRaL oF HeArTs..ClOsE yEt (timeisruningout) wrote,
@ 2004-06-27 22:18:00
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    Current mood:complacent
    Current music:the cure-close to me

    fuck lately ive been hella fucking stress out this whole fucking week ive just fucking wanted 2 fucking die n last week
    well um bout my week friday night went 2 my dads like at 10:30pm
    vanessa was there shes hella kool for bein older than me wekll not tat older but shes like
    my fucking sis we do hella shit together n shes hella fucking kool to b around anywyas her n her mom were
    there cuz they were decorating my house cuz the next day was my 16 year old cuz;s baby shower
    so they decided to decorate in the nite ummm then after tat it was like 11 and we went to her house n picked up her stuff cuz she wanted 2 spend the night n she has the movie white chicks ya bootleg but yeh we drove bac to my house well my dad drove but umm we watched the movie then got into bed like 1 and we were fucking laying there just fucking chatting n chatting for hella fucking dayz about guys n shit anyways
    the next we woke up helped get the food redy then the rest of the time just hung out
    then crystal whos baby shower wasnt even there yet so were like fuck it lets go to her house
    then we went n shit n was having a fucking ball at her house i havemt had tat fucking much fun in hella dayz n were talking to hella guys on her phone like her boyfriend who lives in concord tats i think 18
    shes 15 but age aint nuthing but a number anyways then we got kinda bored so were like fuck it lets go bac to my house n it was like 10 at night then we went bac to my house n shit then we found out tat my cuz crystal was having contractions n was on the way to the hospital so we were like shit we hella wanna go so we left the house like at 2 n went 2 the walnut creek hospital but she didnt end up havinng the baby but its kool cuz me n nessa hung out with marco n danny anyways we got bac 2 my house watched tv played ps2 n went 2 bed next day we got up hella late umm got redy went 2 the movies then we went 2 my grandmas which is my dads mom then he dropped nessa then me off n now here i am

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