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TiFfAnY (tiff87) wrote,
@ 2004-10-12 09:10:00
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    Current mood: high
    Current music:Metalica- master

    well lets start with last night , at 11 at freakin night paul decides to come over to mi house to show me his Deer , well lets say his deer head lol, its cut off, and he gets outta his truck with this little cat , it looked like a damnm fuzz ball at first , but he said he found it on the middle of the road and he kicked it then he felt bad so he brought it home, he says hes guna go home and shave it too look like a lion lol and leave a lil fuzz bal on the ed of its oh mi but ne ways today i had school it was gay as usual all fuckin day mitch bubba travis and joey were all tryin to smack mi ass they all did a couple of times i mean it was funny but i duuuno lol then 7th period paul n reggie were in mi class wow it was great i didnt get mi paper done so i probly got an F cause i was starin at paul tha whole itme but oh well id ont care, theni got off the bus with Lindsay and yeah we had sum fun lindsay were good lil ones huh....hehe whoops and then we just hung out at her house fer a while until mi mom calls her house and was askin me all these gayy ass ? and i am gettin blamed fer sum dumbshit i didnt do AGAIN damnit i dont understand how shit gets around thats not true supposlivly sumone tod mi dad that ii was fuckin sum guys , sum guy that i dont even kno lol he said tha name but i dont kno him so whatever mi parents want to think thay cant take me fer a fuckin test i dont giva shit , cause i didnt Fuck Em' but ne ways Lindsay is comin home with me on thurday , cant wait i love mi lindsay haha SUPINKA---lins doyousupinkamivoohaya?
    but i am guna go i need to make a phone call hehe ill talk to all yins lata LUv Yah
    Tiff ah Knee Bell Chick < fuckin rite

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2004-10-13 18:43 (link)
okay uh how could paul be at your house around 11? its called a jr license deary and you have to be home by 11. and guess what i like paul now so you can go find someone else to cheat on.

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2004-10-13 21:35 (link)
yeah this is tiffany who tha fuck is postin comments that are sayin shit about me n paul grow tha fuck up seriously cause ur being real gay about all this shit and its pissin the fuck outta me to no end and ur doing it to Chrissy too woaahh, wait a min and u say u like paul .....well then who are you cause i wana kno , you wana fight i mean i dont kno who u r, u may be sum big fat ass that would sit on me and i would die or u may kick tha shit outta me and id die that way but, hey if u do kill me at least i would die fightin fer mi babe that i want so bad....PAUL that u supposivly like too and u say i wont get him and i have to go cheat on sumone else well guess what IVE CHANGED AND I WOULD NEVER CHEAT ON PAUL DAMNIT ....ive waited almost a year to go out with him and damnit i am guna keep on fightin fer mi 2nd chance so shut up and go fuck ur self ..........

damn ppl piss me off
tiffany yeah i kno its gay to be postin commets in ur own journal but i dont kno how else to confrount this fucker whos postin these fuckin comments so im doing it like this....and IM GUNA FIND OUT WHO IT IS TOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!

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