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KaCi (tickyticky) wrote,
@ 2003-02-01 19:08:00
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    Current mood: thoughtful
    Current music:Good Enough: New Found Glory

    Ticky Ticky
    Hey...I'm bored as hell and I'm talking to Hana on the net, no one else is on believe it or not. At FYE there was one GC sticker left. I almost got it, then decided on shirt from's blue and has a star on it like the one that Pierre has on the back of the Simple Plan CD...check it out. Waiting for Molly to get on the net. And Aly. And Franni, though she wont be on much cuz' she's in trouble. Maybe it was from sneaking into the Battle of the Bands...who knows, she's pretty bad( jk jk). Maybe she drove to Waldorfy and raped Paul....ok ok baad thought but knowing her that could happen. Im kidding, don't worry LOL. My sisters horse trainer is downstairs watching one of her horsey vids, Shea's on the phone with Daryl. Dur I thought they broke up...Seems they spend more time with one another NOW than they did when they were together...strange people they is. Ok now microwave is going, Vicki must be getting something to eat. Making herself at home eh? LOL Joel e-mailed me back yesterday, seems he got a new book. Now that's something for Paul to be proud of. JK JK. They all just got back from Europe tour with Sum41, so he's real tired I'm bettin'.

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