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ThruBluEyez (thrublueyez) wrote,
@ 2005-01-29 21:56:00
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    first entry
    This is a new experience for me. I've never been much good at keeping up on recording the everyday little things into journals but Im going to try one more time, maybe this time will be different! I think that since i spend alot of time setting at this computer I just might be likely to log in and type out my thoughts rather then pick up a book and pen. That just seems so old fashion right now and even though I rather the idea of being traditional and keeping one of them 5year journals, that when your old you can look back on and laugh about, it would never happen!
    So, I guess some general info about me would be a good start. I'm a third year university student, in the Arts program. Im actually and Anthropology student, which will help account for my fasination with different cultures. My dream was (someday may still happen) to be a designer. One of my past times is sketching/drawing. I create sketches of fashion designs that I know if brought to life could be runway worthy, unfortunitly my sewing ability isnt nearly what it should be, so my designs are left on paper.
    The one topic which seems to consume my life, however, is cars. I like something by everything, I guess you could say. And I have opinions on everything make and model. Just get me on a rant about anything automotive and it could last a LONG time!
    Well, I would like to finish this but its a saturday night and my weekends are my time to enjoy. So with that said, Im goign to go out....find something of interest to do and I will tell all about it tomorrow! ~

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