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Eva (thru_it_all) wrote,
@ 2003-04-12 18:56:00
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    Current mood: accomplished

    I just created an Islam community, islam, on Blurty since there wasn't one. Join! :D

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2003-04-15 04:18 (link)
Hi, actually, I am not muslim. :) For help, maybe you can ask warriorita...she is muslim and grew up in a muslim family. Maybe she will know other muslims on blurty that can help as well. I'm new to blurty...normally I use livejournal. From what I know about the muslim family structure, it is stated in the qur'an that you must respect your mother and father greatly...and should listen and obey them, unless they are telling you to commit sins or something against the religion. I hope other people can help you more with it. Good luck!

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check out these ...
2003-04-16 17:15 (link)
AoA [ Assalaamo Allaikum]
Check out these links for the detailed discusions and articles:
1- [ articles about alot of subject plus quraan in arabic and in six other otheranguages ]
2- [ a forum to answer all sort of question related to islam ]
3- [ The Status of woman in Islam ] in PDF
4- [ The Rights and Duties of Women in Islam ] in PDF

There are many but these are ones I have checked myself.
Good luck

PS: I am a Muslim but not a Faqih [ Religious Scholar ]; so as far as I know. In Islam for both both men and women, considering the physical, pschycological, emotional and mental diffrerences in them, rolls are defined to make the family in a state of a perfect order and harmony. Hence the society and the whole world will be in perfect order. Similarly responsibilities are divided inside and outside the family, which is a basic social unit. Man, being naturally stronge and less emotional, is given most of the outside responsibilities, to earn for and protect the family.
Women, naturally Caring, Emotional are given inhouse project of taking care of the brought up of the next generation to come. That's why Our prophet has advised us to respect and obey our mothers more than our fathers. Because in a nature oriented families childern are abviously more in contact with thier mothers than their fathers. This is all natural. brought up of the childern is vital for their future. So Islam does'nt leave those little people on their own or at hte hand of so called professional child care nurseries, but give this responosibility to the one really deserve, i.e. Mother. I am elabotating all this because every one say that Islam locks women inside, does'nt allow them to perform in a practical life. What you think which one is more practical and better for the sociey. Women working as waitresses, nurses, ever CEO's or working back home and developing a great nation. Man is at the Front End, while Woman is at the Back End [ as they say it in website designing ].

So thats all that I know. Hope above links would be of any help.


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