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~*pEa*~ (thoughts_of_pea) wrote,
@ 2003-11-02 23:36:00
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    Current mood: chipper

    So today was kinda lame. I didn't do too much. I woke up with a headache, Ric poked at me until I went to Ruby Tuesday to fill out an application. They told me that they arn't hiring right now for waitresses....bummer. I also got an application at Grand Harbor Imports. The manager said to come in on Wednesday to talk to her. Im gonna comment on how much I love the store etc....tell her about decorating my own house. I really think that I might make a good worker in the store. Im not the type to just want to stand behind the counter. I like to get into the store and help customers! Who know's....let's just hope that I do a good job.
    Right now im watching the matrix on television. May I just say that I hate it when television replaces curse words. I would rather the words just be bleeped of silenced. They so far have used Jeepers Creepers and shucks....I mean come on! So anyway im gonna go watch this movie and get my snuggle on. Tomarrow im going to take in an application to Captian Joes, Zales, and get one from Friedman's and fill it out.
    So with my to do list mapped out I will bid the blurty farewell.

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2003-11-04 19:35 (link)
Hey, good luck with your job search! If you see Liz before I do tell her that I'm sorry I didn't return her phone call- didn't get home at a decent hour.
Thank you for the kind words about the beautifully ugly name, I could give two fucks less if my hair is soft or if I have name brand shit. You should know that doesn't matter shit to me:P But again,thanks for the compliments -ego boost!-

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