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Jerry Landry (thorin2003) wrote,
@ 2003-03-24 08:34:00
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    Current mood: weird
    Current music:Mylene Farmer: L'Instant X

    Too much to do...
    Well, today's my normal Monday schedule: 9-French, 10-Lit & Sex, 11-Lunch, 12-Work, 1-1:30-Alex time, 1:30-3:10-Brit Lit II. Of course, I may be working from 4 till 8 tonight. The Monday girl sent out an E-mail asking if anyone could work for her since she went to the hospital last night, so I'm going to see if she needs me to and say that I'll do it if no one else can. I'd really like to spend tonight with Alex. We didn't get to see each other much over the weekend since he was sick. Plus, I need to get things in order around the room.

    Oh, pretty big news: I just found out that my roommate was moving out last night...last night. lol Austin called me and asked if I could let him into the building because his card wasn't working, and I said sure. I thought it was weird that his card wasn't working but didn't think much about it. Then, when he got up to the room, he said something about he was moving out. Naturally, I did a double take. He had withdrawn from school on Friday and was not coming back ever. It definitely came as a shock to me, and even now, I'm still trying to process the reality of the situation. I'm definitely going to have to get an apartment for next year with Austin leaving because there's no way I want to try to get used to a new roommate just for one year. There's no telling who I'll get since I don't know many guys around here, none well enough to room with them, and I doubt I'll get one who's as understanding about the whole gay thing as Austin was. He would stay at his dad's over the weekend so that Alex and I could be together. He's definitely a salt of the earth kinda person, one of a kind, and I'm really going to miss him not being here.

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