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Jerry Landry (thorin2003) wrote,
@ 2003-03-23 09:47:00
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    Current mood:waking uppy
    Current music:Natalie Merchant: Wonder

    Yesterday and what I have to do today
    Yesterday evening, I went to visit Alex for a couple of hours. It was definitely good to see him, but I could tell he wasn't feeling good. I really wanted to just stay there and hold him to make him feel better, but I knew the parental units (particularly his mom) wouldn't be too fond of walking in and finding me, so I left. Thus, I spent all of last night bored out of my mind. I read the section of The Color Purple due for tomorrow's class. Today, I have to work on getting something down on paper for Ford Fellows, getting together an Annotated Bibliography for Tuesday, reading for Brit Lit II, filling out a form about the money we spent on the trip to Louisville, and doing French work as well as hopefully seeing Alex today, perhaps going to an Oscars party tonight, and trying to clean this room. Ugh...I miss the weekends where I could just lounge around and not do anything all weekend except rest and relax. Verdamnt college!

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