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Marnie (blarneystoned) wrote in thinandhealthy,
@ 2011-11-03 09:15:00
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    Current mood:INFORMED
    Current music:acre of sun - darshan ambient

    Ok, so I actually did read the back of a box of one of America's most favorite instant mac & cheeses. Holy. Shizz. What the hell is all that & why was I feeding it to my kid? It is darn hard to try & get toddlers to eat healthy, but my word! I mine as well put a cheesy chemical mix on cardboard & serve it. (Didn't that happen in China? Street vendors? Cardboard "burgers". People ate it.)

    Yes, I'm the annoying food police now apparently. I ate all this crapola as a kid, but I SWEAR. Things have gotten way way way less healthy. There are guys in lab coats right now dreaming up ways to make things tastier & more addictive. We busted them on those little cigarette thingees, so they moved on.

    I can say I have lost 3 pounds in one week without trying now that I'm gluten & dairy free. I swear to you - wasn't even trying. Just ate all the stuff I made for the fam. Haven't worked out at all. (Too busy cooking- haha).

    Not suggesting this diet for anyone who doesn't medically need to be on it, but I don't & I feel great. I guess it's about choices. I have to make good choices for my extremely allergic family members. So, here's to making good choices as the holiday season will be upon us soon.

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2011-11-03 10:03 (link)
I have to say, thankfully I don't have food allergies.
I have noticed though a lot more gluten free items being advertised or on the store shelves. That has to make lives a lot more easy for people.
I think I found your 3 pounds and several more. :p
Hugs, Jon

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