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Jason of the Fanmonkeys (theycallmejason) wrote,
@ 2003-07-05 17:41:00
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    Current mood: pleased
    Current music:Thrice - See You In the Shallows

    The Faded Green Bird on my Arm
    the worst thing that could ever happen just happened to me.. yep.. my parents took out my old 25" tv from my room.. put it in their room and then gave me a 20" tv.. god damn i'm so deprived. well anywho.. haven't done a lot since i last wrote.. i didn't do anything at all on thursday because my parents were being weird and made me stay home. but friday i had a good time.. it included 2 parties and then a sleep over at colin's house. after getting up at like 11.. which is way to early.. we headed accross the neighborhood to go to the donnelly's house.. that was pretty fun.. and bob is a great cook(i wish i could eat more). however i didn't like the fact that i help set up the volleyball net(which wasn't very easy) and then i left before they acctually played. i went to robbie's around 5.. colin, travis, and pj were also there. we had some fun with the fire works.. but i stopped after i almost hit mr.myers one. hopefully he will forget about that by the time he comes back from vacation. i then went back to colin's because we couldn't stay at robbie's because he's leaving for 2 weeks today. we didn't really do much, we might have gone out on the boat but my parents decided to come and pick me up early. well i'm gonna go watch something on my very small 20" tv.

    robbie and travis should open up a tattoo shop

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