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PandaTone (theusualpandas) wrote,
@ 2003-07-19 22:18:00
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    Current mood: blah
    Current music:Toasters Hard Band For Dead

    Keepin it real.
    The 7 deadly sins as featured in Whinny the Pooh, and why.

    Pride:Tigger. Why? Ever hear the tigger song?

    Avarice: Owl. Why? Ok. So Owl really fits more in the pride section as well, but he always seems to want something in return for his help, hence why he is not often seen.

    Envy: Piglet. Why? Becuase Piglet is the most self loathing character next to Eyore. Piglet sees everyone else in the 100 acre woods and wishes he was them. Tigger especially if my memory serves me.

    Anger:Rabbit. Why? Becuase Rabbit is one angry Mo-Fo. Everything that happens in the 100 acre woods he has to blow a gasket over.

    Lust: Christopher Robbins. Why? Well because being one of the main 7 characters I felt as though he belonged in this somewhere, and let me tell you. It just makes me laugh. (Now, with me, imagine good old CR in bdsm gear.)

    Gluttony:Pooh. Why? Too much honey, and all he wants is love soo soo much love.

    Sloth:Eyore. Why? Have you ever seen him not complaining about moving?

    Some of these are kind of hazy. Many of the facets of each sin can be seen in each individual character.
    If you have any ideas or changes you would make feel free to comment.


    Pooh and the 7 virtues. Then more. I dont know what but something that will be horribly interesting.

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2003-07-20 14:04 (link)
*dies laughing* you should do the beatles/7 deadly sins

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2003-07-20 17:10 (link)
Ooooh Like John, Paul, George, Ringo, Yoko, Linda and...uh... and one more... hee hee. That would be awsome! Maybe Ravi whats his face, their Guru!

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