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Jon (thespian15) wrote,
@ 2012-05-20 20:35:00
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    Book Reading......
    I finished up a book today. I read Tom Sawyer. It was the first book I read on my new Nook. I am no longer an Ereader virgin. lol.......
    I am obviously more familiar with Huck Finn from his book, but I didn't really feel his character in the Tom Sawyer story. Huck was basically a big wimp. :p
    I also don't remember Injun Joe's fate in the book from what I vaguely remember from the movie. Must go back and check that out.

    Book List 2012:
    1. Schulz and Peanuts by David Michaelis
    2. The Avengers: Too Many Targets by John Peel and Dave Rogers
    3. The Journey of Crazy Horse by Joseph M. Marshall III
    4. Witches Abroad by Terry Pratchett
    5. Eva Braun by Heika B. Gortemaker
    6. Bound in Flesh by David Thomas Lord
    7. All of Me by Anne Murray and Michael Posner
    8. Small Gods by Terry Pratchett
    9. Bloody Bones by Laurell K. Hamilton
    10. Lords and Ladies by Terry Pratchett
    11. The Killing Dance by Laurell K. Hamilton
    12. An American Original Walt Disney by Bob Thomas
    13. Men at Arms by Terry Pratchett
    14. Audition by Barbara Walters
    15. Kingdom Keepers V Shell Game by Ridley Pearson
    16. Tom Sawyer by Mark Twain

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2012-05-21 12:48 (link)
'bout time you got some culture in the mix!!

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2012-05-21 20:36 (link)
Always happy to please. :)

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