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Just call me Hazel Eye (thespaz) wrote,
@ 2002-12-06 12:10:00
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    So I'm writing in my journal. Arnold is done-finally, so why don't I feel any better? It actually went kinda smoothly, I spent all of an hour and a half on it, showed it to someone who said "it looks pretty good, we just need to work on the language" So I'm feeling pretty confident because I'm under the impression there's not that much work to be done and he says "do you want to go through it sentence by sentence??" WTF? Stop there! I'm going to bed, thanks for the the help! Started our English final today, I kind of studied? So as one might be able to tell the semester is coming to an end and I'm finally coming to my senses and thinking MAYBE I SHOULD STOP SLACKING- nah what's another week? right :) "My mom's gonna be so mad at me" My throat hurts... We ran over the ninjas yesterday after practice. We set them up under the front tire of Rita's car, she put it in drive, jumped out just in time to see them then jumped back in and breaked it. She said "you wanna try?" Hell ya! I'm used to driving a stick, she's got an automatic, I'm used to an automatic with an emergency break by the pedals, and she starts driving and gets out and she's like "go!" I dive into the car and just sit in the seat and she yells "put on the break" I'm laughing "how?" and she says "the break pedal!" After everyone is safe and the car is at a stop she says "you don't know how to drive an automatic?" The Spaz strikes again... I must have been the SpAzIeSt person in the world yesterday. Let's see, I fell down, hit myself in the the head, don't know how to drive an automatic- what's next? I haven't tripped on the stairs yet (today), but I've still got one class to go. Anyway I just wanted to make my journal feel wanted, at least one of us will. ~The Spaz

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Sideways Oblong Purity
2002-12-06 22:37 (link)
How's my Spaz? Ran over the ninjas? Sweet! An Old Fiend is gone and you don't feel any better? Whats up with that? Maybe you put so much dread into it that now that it's over, you don't really realize that it's over. Maybe?? So you can't drive an automatic? WTF!!? Come on I thought you could adapt to everything. :Shakes head: Want some oranges? The lady was selling them for her daughter, grand daughter, neighbors daughter, or some little gurl that this lady knows. Why oranges? I fucking love oranges. I ate one today. The bad thing is that after I ordered them, my neighbor? I think? gave ME a fruit basket with plenty of oranges in that. "Mom is gonna be pissed" is never good to hear or feel. I should go do something creative/constructive. I guess maybe I'll play a game or watch a movie. See ya soon, directdarkness

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