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Just call me Hazel Eye (thespaz) wrote,
@ 2003-02-07 17:25:00
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    Current mood: relieved
    Current music:KOOL 101.9 Oldies baby!

    Team Bashing
    Well I've got a new journal set up and new lease on life- ok so nothing's really changed but I had a very entertaining lunch. Meredith, Jess, and I went Chevy's for a release of our pent up anger. Let's see, yesterday we played, not very well, but not terribly. The way the coach was talking to us you would have thought we went out there and planned to hit like shit, drop balls, and so on... Actually I guess it just comes naturally for us :) And I forgot my jersey, not a huge deal seeing as we carry a *bloodbag* for the purpose of having an extra uniform for emergencies. So the coach calls me over "Meghan, do you have a problem today" I'm thinking uh what the hell is he talking about "uh no, I don't think so" and he's like "you don't have anything wrong with your uniform?" me: "oh yeah, I forgot my jersey" and he's like "I'll deal with you later, I don't even wanna deal with you now" Yeah ok, I was over that like an hour ago. Oh and I never said that we elected team captains, we supposedly got to vote but I'm sure the vote was rigged cause I didn't vote for 3 of the 4 and I don't know who the hell would. Let's see who the lucky winners were: Nicole (how the f***! I can't stand her, she's quiet and not team oriented), Ali (Ali who? good question- friends with Nicole, imagine that), Christine (I can deal with her, but she's a loudmouth), Kim (the only girl who got my vote, and the ostracized captain of the group). So the coach keeps ranting about how we elected these captains (no I f***ing didn't!!) so you better listen to every word they say- bullsh** if I do! Then Kirk goes on and on about how we've been practicing for almost a month now and he's seen no progression whatsoever, in fact he went as far to say "you've gone backwards" then he says crap like "and you've all been in your positons long enough to get a feel for where you are, you shouldn't be making these mistakes" and I've been at first base all of a week? Yeah go Kirk. So after the game he give us a longgg speech on "let's see if we can't prep this field as best we can"- say what, did I accidentally sign up to do field prepping?! So after all this bitching at and telling us how badly we did he tells us we had practice off today, I'm getting sick of this, I really am. So after this he calls me over and is like "so what are we gonna do about this?" (talking about me leaving my jersey at home) and I'm like "I don't know" and he's like "well last weekend you got lost in the parking lot (long story and it's not even comparable to leaving your jersey) and today you forgot your jersey, is this gonna be a recurring thing?" "No Kirk you idiot, I'll never do it again" "I'll have you run some hills on Monday"- ooh don't hurt me!!! Well after all that release with Jess and Meredith I'm feeling quite content :D The world is full of idiots...I love it!

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needed that release. Are you feeling better? I knew a kurt once, but he had to go away so sad.

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2003-02-08 08:03 (link)
sounds like

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