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Just call me Hazel Eye (thespaz) wrote,
@ 2002-12-29 21:15:00
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    Well hello hello!
    Shout out to anonymous... Busy<----I've been :) Let's see, let's have a recap. Monday-cleaned house for the meanie mother. Tuesday-worked (wasn't supposed to), ended up being fun, I got to help set up for the ole Christmas party, didn't get to enjoy it but got to hear stuff like "Meghan, this is a nice set up" :D Wednesday-the big day, it was fun, I've had funner, oh and I saw Catch Me If You Can, it was a good movie~it has my recommendation. Thursday-shopping, saw Harry Potter, he rocks my socks baby. Friday-met someone =-O Saturday-hung out w/that someone, was sad when he left. Sunday-saw a play and ate at a fancy restaurant :) much too fancy for my tastes.

    Well now that we're all up to speed I'll try to write more often- I'm not as dedicated as someone I know ;-)

    I'm outtie

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Feed ME Burning Water
2003-01-05 21:54 (link)
Hey I was here! I am here too. I'm looking for you. Are you under the keyboard? NO. Are you wrapped around the headphone wire? NO. I'm drinking water. Are you one of the fruit shaped ice cubes? NO. Are you the coaster that my glass sits on? NO. Are you one of the blank CD-Rs? If so, you are towards the bottom of the fifty, but you aren't on of the top twelve. I can' find you.

Hope you are well.

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