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The Shady Bacon (theshadybacon) wrote,
@ 2003-08-17 23:52:00
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    Current mood: tired
    Current music:End Credits - John Murphy (from the 28 Days Later Soundtrack

    No, I'm not dead...
    ...but not for a lack of trying on my cold's part. I am the only weirdo in the US who could get two cold's in one summer, though this one had better timing (the last one really fucked up my Finals Week). Anyways, I'm back and I'll try to write a little before i need to go to sleep. Anyways, I chilled with some people during the week after the 'cab incident' , I don't recall all of the week though. I remember I went to Eric's house on Thursday and had a rocking good time. It was tons of fun, we watched Dark City, which rules, then Alison came over for a bit and we watched a crappy straight to cable superhero flick which sucked balls but was funny at least. It was an awesome night, I slept over and left the next morning. Sorry If I'm kind of brief with all of this at the moment, I just wanted to write something, but I am on a crunch for time. The next day I went to see Les Mis again with Chelle and it was a lot of fun. The show was great once again, and I had a very good time. Marcus showed up at the end, and GB and Brew showed up and we all went to Athena and had an awesome time. Saturday night was the niight of Steve Gaspar's band's next show. It has been called everything from"The Steve Gaspar Band" to "The Steve Gaspar Experience", so I think they should call it "Steve Gaspar And The Temple Of Doom", so they can capitalize on the hit Indiana Jones film, because everyone loves Indiana Jones. Sorry if I am an Indiana Jones freak for a while, the movies are getting released on dvd in october and "Raiders" is one of my all time favorite movies, so I am incredibly excited to see Indy shoot the swordsman ON DVD!!!! AAHH!!!! Anyways, the Band was awesome, but it was sadly missing the amazing talent of Loya, who is just one of the coolest people alive, as well as a incredibly talented singer and musician. Sarah was also missed on vocals, because she can sing well, but instead the audience had to deal with Chelle doing some vocals, and I say "deal with" because she sucked! JUST KIDDING! Chelle was friggin great, I was very happy to see the show, although Sarah and Ryan weren't there, it was still a great show, and Chelle performed all three of her songs incredibly well, way to go Chelle! The next day i found out GB couldnt go to Boston with me and my dad, which sucked. It was a pretty good trip. I got a cold the first night, but other than that it was a good trip. BC and BU rocked and I loved BU. Boston is such a cool city, I want to go on a trip up there and visit my Boston friends (who I could not see this time due to my sickness) and go again with my friends, I love Boston. I got back and I chilled with Marc and GB the first chance I got (Brew couldn't attend, which sucks, because Brew is the man, IMISSYOUSOMUCH BREW!) because I knew I wouldn't be able to see Marcus again before he left, and it is always fun to chill with those guys. We had an awesome time and did quite a bit of funny stuff, including yelling "BUTT CHEEKS!" at some unsuspecting pedestrians, and then I went through the worst red light of my life to avoid those pedestrians after they got in their car. The next day was the insane blackout and I lost power for 9 hours, but everyone else I know lost it for about 2 hours, at the most, so I felt really really angry. Then I left for Phlly and I will leave this until I get more time to write more because I am cramped for time now (thus the lack of paragraphs and detail). I'll write a much better entry soon, I just wanted to at least write something now, I hope this is good enough for anyone who reads it. if not, then write a complaint in a comment with your name and address, and I will hunt you down and put you down like a rabid dog!

    I'LL DO IT!!!!

    I SWEAR!!!!



    ...yeah...that's what I thought too....

    ta ta

    --The Shady Bacon

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this shit sucked
2003-08-18 01:41 (link)
this shit deepthroated...not only did this entry suck cock but it deepthroated it too. jus flat or hor-ib-lay man. can i get an actual fuckin update?

Eric Neubauer
218 Summer Street

an i would leave the rest of my adress but theres too many cray fucks out there who would like stalk me an kill me an shit so ill jus say u kno where i live afro americano.
-drunk monk
p.s. right now really drunk monk

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