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The Shady Bacon (theshadybacon) wrote,
@ 2004-03-01 21:00:00
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    Current mood: amused
    Current music:Date With The Night - The Yeah Yeah Yeahs

    It's been far too long
    HEY EVERYBODY! How's it going, I have not written in a very long time and I am happy to have the chance to do so now. So what have you all been up to lately? Since I last wrote I made my acting debut in Prep's "The Laramie Project" and had an amazing time. I was so nervous when I first got on stage and during the whole performance, but after it was all done I had such a rush, I felt incredible and I felt so happy about it all. I met lots of cool people, like Nicole and Ariel, and I got to know some other people better like Chapman, Garvey and Sarah, and it was an absolutely fantastic experience, thanks to all those involved for making it as great as it was.

    So yeah, my life has been pretty uneventful lately, I've just been chilling. School is sucking, Pirates of Penzance rehersals are fun but difficult, and I finished both seasons of Alias on DVD, i reccommend that both of you readers out there buy them both if you have not done so. It is an amzzing show, and has caused "International SuperSpy" to move up a bunch of spots on my list of Dream Jobs. I've also started watching the Firefly dvd set, and so far it's very good as well. It's basically a sci-fi show with a western type of environment in which the story is told. From the point I am in the dvd, think I'll be very pissed off that the show was cancelled by the time I am done with the set. Isn't it true though, so many shows get cancelled before their time. It happened to Clone High, Family Guy, MTV's Spider-Man, Clerks, Undergrads, and Farscape to name a few. It especially sucks when it's shows like Farscape or the Spider-Man show, which ended on cliffhangers, cliffhangers that can only continue in our imaginations. But then there are other great shows like Lexx (yet another show you've probably never heard of yet I was a big fan of) which end on a strong note and end in a conclusive manner before they get a chance to gt bad, as all long running shows do (see Seinfeld). Now's I'll stop my essay on TV theory and move on to more crazy stuff.

    Yeah, so I've just been chilling. Break was amazing and relaxing although I didn't get a chance to chill with Eric over the course of it (I didn't know he was back at the time) or chill with Leigh or a few other people I wanted to. I feel really kinda drawn to all my friends from People to People again, this happens every once in a while but now I seriously wanna keep it up, because now that i think about it I realize that I realy miss all of them, and the trip, more than any of them probably do. It was really an entirely life changing experience, possibly the one which has had the most impact on my life. Those were the people I spent 28 of the best days of my life with, and then they were gone, it was over, and I guess I've had withdrawl symptoms from it all. It just feels so weird, how can people go from being so close and knowing eachother so well to just not talking at all with the incredible speed aty which the entire group seemed to do it at once we got back home and back to our normal lives. I guess I'm the exception, at the time I didn't really have much of a normal life, so I clung to the shreds of what remained from the trip. I mean I still talk to Eric (less than I'd like), Jenny, and Leigh, but that's three people out of 36, and I really liked a bunch of those people, probably about 20, and I only talk to 3. I dunno, I wish I could get in touch with those people all again, but I think I'd come off as a freak, "Hey, I haven't talked to you since 2001, how are you, do you even remember me?". I dunno, it hurts me a little because I remember so muchj of it with crystal clarity to this day, and I remember all of the people who I thought were like a second family to me, and it seems to me like I've just slipped out of all of their memories and I've been forgotten. If heaven is whatever you want it to be, for me it would be that trip with a roster change (ie, adding on all of the amazing people I met after it, such as the Pentagon, Sarah, The Zaretsky sisters, Chapamn, Loya, Garvey, McMorrow, etc.).

    Yeah, so I'm on my way to becoming a big time film editor. Over break I learned how to use Final Cut Pro, and I just got it. Basically, for those not in the know (I enjoy saying that because I am so frequently out of the know) it's a super crazy good editing program that Mac makes, and it's used by tons of pro film editors (it's been used on Cold Mountain, Rules of Attraction, and some stuff for Lord of the Rings), so I'm definitely getting some experience under my belt for the big times. The first step is editing, the second step is directing the next Superman film, that's my dream. I bought the score to Superman 1 over xmas break, and it is some of the best movie music ever, hands down, it modivates me every time I hear it, it's just POWERFUL music, and it's made me decide that I will bring Superman to the big screen again, AND DO IT RIGHT (I'm pointing at you John Peters). If that plan falls through, I think I'll just conquer the world, I think that's a good backup to have (probably more realistic too).

    At the moment I can't think of anything else to say, I've said all that I have to say for now and I'll see about writing some more later, because I actually plan on writing more often from now on, for real. Anyways, I'll write more another time, I'm out for the night, ta ta

    --The Shady Bacon

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