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The Shady Bacon (theshadybacon) wrote,
@ 2003-12-10 21:43:00
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    Current mood: annoyed
    Current music:Here We Go Again - The Hives

    I've been holed up since Friday, and I'm losing it, I can't stand it anymore. I was supposed to go back tomorrow but now that plan has been shot in the head because my mom wants a day for my new medication to kick in. Yeah, I got to see the outside world today on my trip to the doctor's office, it felt so weird after being contained in the house for 6 days, I probably seemed a bit off too. Yeah, so my edoctor basically clarified one thing, my lungs are in shitty condition, and if we don't do anything about it soon then they may change shape, which would just make things worse. Great, as if I wasn't worried about my schoolwork, college apps, and other stuff, now I need to worry about my lungs changing their shape. By the end of it my lungs will probably look more like swiss cheese than human lungs.

    Yeah, so I have missed so many tests and so much work that I'm kinda screwed for midterms and finishing up my semester, that really makes me feel like shit, knowing that this part of the schoolyear would play a large part in my college future and now it's all gone to hell. On Thursday it all looked like it was going good. I was going to have trouble managing the Soracco test, a lot of trouble, but I could handle it, and I would have been able to manage the Soong Dynasty quiz too. I still needed to do my Soracco essay and get my college apps stuff in, but that was what the weekend was for after my SATs and Andy's show. I had it all thought out and all I needed was the time to get it all done, and now it's all dead. I forgot everything about the Bureaucracy for the Soracco test, I am behind on math and chem so I'm in no shape to take either test, I still need to read the Soong Dynasty, and I still need to start the essay and do the college apps stuff and get that into guidance and my teachers by friday. Honestly, I've never really admitted defeat to anything or truly given up, but I'm two steps away from doing it right now, I'm going insane. It's not fucking fair that the flu had to hit me like this, I've been so sick that I can hardly think straight, and now I can't go on the Model UN trip which I've been dying to go on for months. Why? Because I need to catch up on all the shit work and tests I've missed and if I do then the remnants of my flu might turn into pneumonia and fill my lungs with all sorts of weird fluids. Yes, all of this is going on right now, and there is a chane it could all get very much worse. I'm so pissed off and mad about all of this it's not even funny, I'm just sick of all of it. And of course, somehow it is directly my fault that all of this has happened, according to my mom.

    Now that I've gotten all my anger about the situation out, I think I can move on. Christmas is just around the corner and I'm trying to think of gift ideas for my friends. Please leave gift ideas in comments because I'm behind in the gift ideas department. Apparently I'm being considered for the part of the Modern Major General in lauralton's Pirates of Penzance, so I guess that's cool. I hope I get it, and somehow stop that whole 'stage fright/introversion' in the process. That'd be really awesome, and I hope it's a good part, I'd hate to make such a big deal over some equivalent of Dustin Hoffman's 'Mumbles' from "Dick Tracy". Yeah, so back to Christma presents. I did come up with some good ideas, all of which I forgot. Suprisingly, the only person I have any real concrete ideas for is Brew, and he's the person I figured would be the most difficult to shop for. I have loose ideas for Marc and GB, and none for Andy, which is pathetic considering I've known Andy longer than any of the rest of the Pentagon and he's one of my best friends of all time. I have no clue about gifts for Chelle or Loya, and I'll probably think of something for Eric soon enough. I'll think of stuff soon, I know I will, I'm just going nuts, it tends to happen when you're holed up in a house all week. Any ways, I'm on to random stuff now:

    -If you live in a glass house, keep your dick in your pants.

    -South Park has a parody of Hooters right now called Raisins, it is hysterical, Butters is obsessed with a Raisins waitress, it's brilliant.

    -I've seen Daria reruns on the Noggin a lot lately, I can now remotely see why I have been compared to Daria almost as many times as I have been to Conan O'Brien, and many more times than I have been compared to Matt Damon (it put a smile on my face when someone said that).

    -It must be uncomfortable for Superman to tuck his cape into his pants when he's acting like Clark Kent, and doesn't someone as awesome as Superman hate acting like a bumbling fool like Clark Kent to keep his identity a secret

    -If Dr. Smith was such a bad criminal traitor type on the show 'Lost in Space', then how come the cosmis genius parents, who both had access to a wide variety of future laser weapons, always let Dr. Smith babysit their children and get them into situations so dangerous that only space warrior Major West and the Robot could get them out of? And how come they always kept Dr. Smith around with full access to all of their technology after he endangered the lives of their children?

    -Why is it that people who become invisible in science fiction always go crazy and kill people? Why don't any of them get the idea and just steal stuff and live a great life as a rich untraceable criminal and just chill with all their friends all the time. Or they could become the new host of a show like Punk'd and have a brilliant carreer as a professional jokester, not even to mention the possibilities as a contract assassin.

    -Jesus Christ was dead and back again by 33, Alexander the Great was even younger when he conquered most of the known world, I better get crackin'.

    -If Brandon Lee's character in 'The Crow' could only die if the crow that was always with him died, then why didn't he put the crow in a cage and leave it at a veterinarian's office while he was going around on his mission of vengeance?

    -It just hit me, we have one of the biggest idiots around running the entire state of California, one of the largest and most influential and important states in the Union, how the hell did we let this happen?

    That's all I could write for tonight. I had some stuff on my mind and I got a bit of time to talk about it. Marc, I'm so sorry I couldn't go on Model UN to Boston with you, I was looking forward to it for a long time and it fell through, I hope it works out for you and that you come back with all sorts of medals. I'm out to let the flu kryptonite take effect, TA TA

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2003-12-11 07:16 (link)
Brotha Man, its chill, dont worry about it. Just get better and dont let your lungs change shape. If you wanty my Con Gov test ill give it to you. Im on my way to school. Goodluck getting out of your house. Peace.

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2003-12-11 07:16 (link)
Brotha Man, its chill, dont worry about it. Just get better and dont let your lungs change shape. If you wanty my Con Gov test ill give it to you. Im on my way to school. Goodluck getting out of your house. Peace.

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2003-12-16 20:46 (link)
yo i didnt even kno u were this suick man...thias sukcs...seriously if u need anything from me ill talk the 2 hour trip from nj to stamford an i dont even care b/c its worth it so...jus let me dude dont feel abd but i drew u a dope asss 2 page story...its dope...but dont feel any pressure...nah seriously trho...dont even feel the need to ge me anything esp since u been so sick...jus get better thats good enough fopr me;l tlak to u soon...peace
-e to the lo

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