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The Shady Bacon (theshadybacon) wrote,
@ 2003-11-02 20:43:00
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    Current mood: happy
    Current music:Mr. Jinx - Quarashi

    crazy crazy stuff
    Yeah, I took the SAT 2's yesterday, so now that that topic is out of the way I think I can move on (everybody asks me how well i think I did, I'm avoiding the issue). Well, it's been weird, I had my Chem test somehow delayed by 3 days and it still blew. School is being a bastard. Marc said something about what if our lives were really like the way we daydream about our lives and such, and it made me realize how great it would all be. No school, just being around all my friends all the time, having fun and such, it'd be like a little slice of heaven (and if that's not what heaven is like then I'll just spend a long long time in purgatory before they send me to hell to be tortured by a demon who looks like greg hirshorn). So what's been going on with everybody? I GOT A MARRIAGE PROPOSAL! WOO HOO! I DONT KNOW WHETHER TO THINK IT'S COOL OR TO THINK IT'S SCARY ENOUGH FOR ME TO MOVE OUT OF THE STATE! My random commenters are kinda weird. I get the on who says she's the Queen of Chicago, the one who says my journal is cool and that I sound kind of hot, and the new one which says MARRY ME! Yeah, I'm confused yet oddly pleased that I have such a diverse (read:strange) crowd reading this....or looking at all the pictures I put up....either way it's good for the franchise ("Memoirs of an Idiot, The Shady Bacon Story" is hitting shelves next summer). But this is important---TO THE RANDOM COMMENTER/COMMENTERS: If you are the same person that wrote all three comments then let me know, and if I know you then please let me know, because I am paranoid and this all kinda gets that paranoia on overdirve, that and it would be cool to talk to you. So where was I......ah yes......getting nowhere fast...Anyways, on tuesday night my parents dragged my near lifeless carcass to a meeting for Notre Dame in Stamford and I saw one of my best friends from back in the day at elementary school, Tommy. Honestly, Tommy is the man, he was then, is now, and ever shall be. I was so damn happy to see Tommy, and he's interested in film for college stuff too, so that's even cooler. I'm gonna get in touch with him, it reminded me how much it sucks that I completely lost touch with all my old elementary school people. Then I saw Kaitlin, the girl I had a crush on in 6th grade and got her email, so maybe we'll talk, maybe we won't, whatever. Then at the SAT 2's [cringes in fear, cries about poor scores] I saw two more of my old elementary school friends, Nitesh and Nicole. Nitesh is awesome and he's two and a half geniuses, and Nicole was always really really cool, and it was always fun to chill with her and her brother Jonathan (who I haven't seen in far too long). All that made me feel happy to see them and then sad that I lost touch with all of them, because those were some awesome times, and then ahppy again that I still have as good friends now as I did back in the day....and then, with all of this running through my head, I failed all three of my SAT 2's, haha. I just talked to Chelle and said some funny stuff, which was good, I haven't talked to her in a while and we should all chill again sometime, cuz the last times with Family Guy and Rules Of Attraction were awesome...that, and Chelle has a sprained ankle, so I want to write something funny on her cast, or ankle bandage, or bag of ice, or whatever it is they give people with sprained ankles. Rachel has a broken/messed up wrist, feel better Rachel. I have become addicted to Monopoly. We all played Star Wars and Simpsons' Monopoly at Brew's this week and we've all gotten Monopoly fever...or as a disco guy would say it...MONOPOLY FEVAH!!!...and then he would dance the night away. illegal in the real world...i love it with all my heart (except the last little bit of my heart which is reserved for soda....i love you soda...). yeah, Shady Bacon is over Amanda everyone, though there was never really anything there to begin with and it's much better this way, she's cool and one groovy girl, but whatever, it wasn't in the cards and I have a good life (though there's a lot of shit trying to change that). I saw Lost in Translation with GB yesterday and it is so amazing. See it now, it is such an amazing movie and it's slow as hell and kinda boring at times but you won't regret seeing it because you will love it more every second after the credits roll, Bill Murray and Scarlet Johanssen are amazing and play so well off eachother, Scarlet Johanssen is my celebrity crush of the moment (sorry Alison Lohman). It's such a good movie. That, the new Nintendom commercial with the superhuman Japanese kids (one of my all time favorite commercials), and the bits of Tokyo you see in Battle Royale all make me want to go to Tokyo right now and bring al of my friends with me. Halloween was pretty fun. Andymac and myself dressed up as Jules and Vincent from Pulp Fiction and it rocked. Andy brouight the house down with his skit, he made it amazing, I just stod there quiet, looking like Vincent Vega (apparently with the mullet wig the resemblance is decent) and tried not to laugh because Andy was hilarious. Much thanks to Andy for making me have a memorable halloween costume/experience. Scary Movie 3, although very funny at parts, kinda sucks, don't see it, SEE LOST IN TRANSLATION! My athsma has sucked lately, anyone have lungs they're willing to spare? Please? Legion of Superheroes #25 was awesome on a cosmic scale, it is such a great issue that is setting up what I can already tell will be an epic comic book story. Matrix Revolutions is in less than a week.....OH MY GOD!....I can't wait any longer....AAAHHH!!! I am tired and I must leave. This week: college apps for U of Michgan, UCLA, and Penn State, writing my resume for Sooracco, 2 tests, The Fantasticks, and the Matrix Revolutions, it will be insane, but i think I'll be smiling at the end of the week. Ta ta everyone!

    --The Shady Bacon

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2003-11-03 15:06 (link)
i am the person who left the marriage proposal and said that u sound like ud be HOTT......and i seriously think u do sound hott!! and noo u dont no me i just came across ur journal and read it and decided u sounded hott and that i wanna marry u!! well buh-bye

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fuck u...fuck u so hard
2003-11-06 11:41 (link)
i told u so asshole...
the man formely known as scarlett johannsen

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