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The Shady Bacon (theshadybacon) wrote,
@ 2003-10-12 21:55:00
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    Current mood: sleepy
    Current music:Jerry Maguire is on in the backgorund

    ME: I so hope she gets hit by a car! ANDY: I do too, it's looking good now!
    That was one of those great movie jokes that me and Andymac always come up with.  We came up with it during Kill Bill (more on that, and why Quentin Tarantino should rewrite the Bible, later in the entry).  Anyways, the hell week is OVER!  Now all I need to do is make a more specific thesis for my Saracco semester paper (porbly about repealing the Patriot Act and getting all that good ol' fashioned privacy back the way it should be) and study for my math test on Tuesday, and I should be all set.  God damn math, my teacher is good but she makes her tests so damn difficult, who does she think I am, Mr. Math or something?  Jeez.  And then there were the SATs.  I don't even wanna speculate about how I did, because if I speculate then I think I'll do bad......but then again.......forcing myself to not speculate is kinda like trying to avoid it and therefore through all the stuff involved in Murphy's Law I'm technically cancelling it all out anyways and it's like speculating anAHHHHHH!!!!...[falls on floor, convulses, bleeds from nose and ears, stops shaking, gets up]...sorry about that, I think I just had an aneurism or something...I'll be fine.  But seriously, the SATs are meaningless, they don't measure anything other than how well you take an SAT, so I don't see why they're deemed to be such an important part of our college accpetance...but I'd be pretty happy if I did well on the SAT.  And then there was the Canuel chemistry test, which I think I did a bit better on than the first one, at least I hope so, because I need bad grades this semester LIKE I NEED AN ASSHOLE ON MY ELBOW (annual Rules of Attraction reference).

    Anyways, after the SATs Andy, Marc, and me all went to the mall for a it and chilled and got food in the food court.  I predicted Marc would get Subway, he tried to fool me, but I was right in the end...nice try Marc.  I got Sakkio again, because let's face it, they put morphine in the chicken teriyaki, so it just keeps me coming back for more.  So me and Andymac got Sakkio and we all just sat around and chilled, I wore Marc's hat in the same weird position that I always wear it in and it was going all good, and then we all went to the arcade, Andymac and me shot up some dead in House of the Dead because we are the masters of that game, we own it figuratively, while FYE owns it literally. We all got some quality Cruisin' in, and Marc and I tied for first in one race, which was pretty sweet. Marc had to go work, so Andymac and myself went off to see the phenomenon that is Kill Bill.

    Honestly, you won't understand how amazing this movie is until you see it with your own eyes. It is movie magic, it is the example, it is just amazing. Wow, I'm tired and about to pass out, I guess I'll go and hopefully write more tomorrow. I finally started talking to that girl Rachel who commented here a while back and she's really cool and fun to talk to, so thats all good. Anyways, before I drift off to sleep I'm gonna go, goodnight everyone, ta ta

    --The Shady Bacon

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2003-10-20 10:29 (link)
Hey kiddo! How are ya? Its rachel..Just wanted to commnt and tell a good luck on everything. havent talked for u for while hmm we have to change that! well later days!


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