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The Shady Bacon (theshadybacon) wrote,
@ 2003-10-07 21:39:00
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    Current mood: amused
    Current music:For The Movies - Buckcherry

    Mike McKeon=Rusty Nail from Joyride!!
    AC4717 (9:25:08 PM): ya know, sitting here, watching Joy Ride for the first time in a while, its actually pretty good
    MadMax9003 (9:25:18 PM): sweet
    AC4717 (9:25:23 PM): It might go the Minority Report road fer me
    MadMax9003 (9:25:31 PM): i enjoy it, it's cheesy b-movie stuff, but it's fun to watch
    AC4717 (9:35:01 PM): Rusty Nails is Mike McKeon in 10 years
    AC4717 (9:35:05 PM): strike that . . . 2 years
    MadMax9003 (9:35:10 PM): for sure
    MadMax9003 (9:35:15 PM): haha!
    AC4717 (9:35:15 PM): strike that again, now
    MadMax9003 (9:36:02 PM): he'll drive to graduation and try to run us all down for telling him there was a prostitute in a hotel room at prom, when it was really an old old lady
    AC4717 (9:36:20 PM): hahaha, after ripping her face off
    MadMax9003 (9:36:45 PM): lol
    MadMax9003 (9:37:16 PM): and he'll staart calling our cell phones a lot and telling us he's following us and that he knows where we are, neither of which will be true
    AC4717 (9:38:53 PM): haha, and we'll be walking and listening to him on the phone and then we'll suddenly hear his voice through two ears and realize he is next to us naked hiding in a bush
    MadMax9003 (9:40:26 PM): he'll be naked, with the motorbike (mike mckeon lingo:motorbike=gay) boots on
    AC4717 (9:42:36 PM): hahaha!
    MadMax9003 (9:42:45 PM): and he'll put a weird light on his van, and always play the messed up rusty nail music
    MadMax9003 (9:44:37 PM): and he'll get a really really long blonde beard and tuck it into his boots!
    AC4717 (9:44:52 PM): hahahahahahaha!!!!!!!!
    AC4717 (9:45:09 PM): that makes me laugh and tickles me in places I didn't know existed
    MadMax9003 (9:45:22 PM): LOL!
    MadMax9003 (9:45:52 PM): we so need to draw this picture tomorrow
    AC4717 (9:46:15 PM): god yes

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