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The Shady Bacon (theshadybacon) wrote,
@ 2003-10-07 20:17:00
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    Current mood: frustrated
    Current music:Edward Scissorhands Finale - Danny Elfman

    And just think, in a year I'll look back at all of this and laugh...because I will be insane...
    Until the college acceptance letters get snet out I will be a mental car wreck. Right now I need to deal with all my damn schoolwork, studying for the SATs, studying for the SAT 2s, narrowing down which colleges I will apply to (it went from 9 to 14 in about a week), getting the applications done, doing community service, sending the applications, keeping up good grades, community service, finding out what I want to do with my life, and my fears about college accpetance. I don't want to do any of that, I really don't. It all makes me want to run away, or crawl in some corner and just let it all pass me by. I don't want all this fucking pressure. My mom keeps acting like I don't understand how important all of this is. Of course mom, it's just my life, why the fuck should I care? Anyways, how are you? i wanted to write something now because for the rest of this week and for a while I'll be completely absorbed by all of the stuff listed above. Community service wasn't that bad because there were two girls there, neither of which was Julia from the end of last semester, but both were pretty cool and attractive, so it's not like I was complaining or anything. They were talking about these crazy AP classes and stuff that made me feel so insignificant, I almost wanted to say "I'm taking Honors Chemistry, are either of you taking that?" but I decided against it because it would make me look more mentally pathetic on a grand scale. I don't know why, I feel like and idiot, I think I used to be smart but now i just feel so dumb and that I don't belong in any of the advanced classes I'm in. I honestly don't know how it happened, in sophomore year I was smart, then last year I just didn't get it. I dunno. i felt this way on my Europe trip, believe me, when you're travelling around England with 36 of the smartest people you could ever meet you will feel like a grade A dumbass too, or at least I did. Yeah, imagine that feeling, every day, that's what it's like lately. What college in their right mind will accept a fuckup like me? Anyways, I'll quit whining right now. I've actually been pretty happy lately despite all the immense craziness. I haven't talked to Amanda in a few weeks, whatever. She didn't like me like I liked her, I never told her or anything, but I know she doesn't feel the same way, and when I don't talk to her i just don't care about it at all. I'm over it all now, I probably seemed like such a stalker before anyways. Whatever, I'll just mention that i used to like her if i talk to her again, so that way I can at least have the satisfaction of letting her know, but knowing me I'll become infatuated with her the next time I talk to her, way to go Shady Bacon. I'm going on the Model UN trip to harvard with Marcus and Andy and it sounds like it will be fucking awesome. Marc was talking about all the stuff we get to do, and the midnight crisis thing sound nucking futs. Basically, it's when the moderators wake up certain delegations at midnight and tell them that they need to go discuss a topic that they are now tired and kinda unprepared for. I think that'd be cool, even if I got woken up. When I go on the trip I think I'm gonna get me and Andy and Marc to prank call people in our delegations and tell them that there is a midnight crisis, and then we'll call them up five minutes later and tell them it was all a crock of shit, I think that would be hilarious for us, but the people we would prank would hate us for it....just think of the fun...I think it will be a blast, I honestly can't wait for this trip, it will rock. I will be seeing Kill Bill Saturday night after SATs, I think that will be an amazing way to celebrate the end of that SAT. And we all definitely need to chill this weekend and do something, it'd be cool to hang out with Chelle too because she lives so far away and we never get to see her anymore...except that time last week...oh yeah...I'm a moron. GB GOT BATTLE ROYALE ON REGION ONE DVD, THAT FUCKING RAT BASTARD! I think I'm gonna go all "Raiders Of The Lost Ark" on GB and replace his Battle Royale DVD with a bag of sand of equal weight of the DVD, and then run out of GB's house while evading the giant stone ball that GB will surely rig up to protect it, and if he doesn't rig up a giant stone ball then I will just to make things more interesting for my escape. The Indiana Jones DVD comes out soon. I will go insane, I love Raiders of the Lost Ark with all my heart. There was a Radiers joke in Family Guy that i saw a few days ago and I was laughing for a while. Then there was a joke about Howie Mandell dying after inflating a rubber glove over his face with his nose, which I laughed at for five minutes, seriously, I was dying, just like Howie Mandell. Mr. Canuel gave my class HW for once, but he said it in a casual fashion so it sounded like it wasn't HW, so I got another bad grade in Canuel's class. I love Canuel, he's the man, and I find Chem to be very interesting, but the grades i get in his class make me want to inject myself with a hypodermic needle filled with oxygen (basically it would kill me, I know all these crazy things).

    Yes, I know this is all very very random.

    My sunglasses broke the other day, and Marcus told me how to fix them because Marcus knows all...about sunglasses...and I got them fixed, so they're all good now. The newest issue of Avengers got delayed a week and boosted up to "Mature Readers" because of the opening sex scene between Giant Man and the Wasp. You know what, good for them. Comic books shouldn't be tamed down, it's a realistic depiction of what people do, so deal with it, if people would be offended then don't read it, I love Avengers and it doesn't bother me at all. None of this means anything to anyone but was all written for nothing. Apparently the new Iron Man creative teams is making good stuff happen on the book, and NYX is supposed to kick ass, so that's great. Amazing Spider-Man #500 comes out soon and part of the Spider-Man mythos will change forever, granted, things like this are never as big as they're said to be, but JMS revealed Pete's secret to Aunt May, which was actually a big deal, and JMS is the man with a great grasp on the character, so I have faith that he won't let us down. GUESS WHAT, NO HALLOWEEN FOR SHADY BACON, THANKS AGAIN SAT's!! WHEN I FAIL THE SAT AND CAN't GET A JOB I"LL COME LOOKING FOR YOU!! I guesss I'll watch some movies with some people the day after and just pretend it's Halloween, it'll be just as good, I hope. Halloween will not be ruined, I won't let it. Neil Gaiman is writing comics again! he is one of my all time favorite authors, he wrote Neverwhere and Coraline, both of which are amazing, everhwere may be my favorite book next to Confessions of A Dangerous Mind. Anyways, He's writing 1602 for Marvel (fucking awesome) and a great Sandman tpb (I read Sandman volume 1, fucked up, great stuff). I just figured you all should know. He's a great author, go read one of his books, you won't regret it. OZZY OSBOURNE WROTE THE MUSIC FOR A BORADWAY PLAY! I must see it, ozzy Osbourne is easily one of the top 10 celebrities I wish I could hang out with. can't think of anything else to write right now. I am out for the night, have a good life until my next entry everybody, ta ta

    --The Shady Bacon

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