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the misfit (themodestmisfit) wrote,
@ 2003-06-08 17:41:00
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    Current music:stupid music its all the same

    helens writings are genious
    tamara played gilman!!!!
    ariel has changed
    ashley is sweet but not what i thought she was
    i havent talked to tit for a long time
    i still want to go see sara at her house and talk to her all night
    max is my everything.

    max and i are going to eat pop tarts
    he will have maple i will have starwberry
    his will be hot mine will be cold
    and we will eat them on china
    sitting on my roof
    watching the sun rise
    with tons of blankets
    because life is so short.

    i wish i knew what i was doing this summer
    i need a job
    just for an outlet
    to get away from this place
    i need to stop complaing
    about this situation because i do have a good life

    i get to talk to the most amazing person that is all i need
    i have a mom who loves me
    but is really upset at the way
    i am not conforming to how she wants me to be
    i get to walk to pleasent hill with ashley SOMETIMES
    i get to do what i ever i want with my room
    its so rad right now
    i get to have a bunny
    and dye my hair
    and pierce my ears
    and.....walk to the thrift store

    i have orange roots and black hair

    i love you honey!!!

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2003-06-09 02:56 (link)
yay iam so happy jasmine is back

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2003-06-10 10:53 (link)
"ashley is sweet but not what i thought she was"

i dont understand

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