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.*. RiSs .*. (theloveoctagon) wrote,
@ 2004-03-25 06:46:00
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    Current mood: silly
    Current music:hey arnold hahah

    ow wow cam i love you! haha
    lollipOpCamy: here is my love

    Auto response from sexiishortee301: *shower|more hw|sleep|school|lacrosse*
    leave me some gonna need it:-P

    lollipOpCamy: which you most desperately need
    lollipOpCamy: :-*
    lollipOpCamy: x0o
    lollipOpCamy: <3
    lollipOpCamy: i love you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    lollipOpCamy: :-*
    lollipOpCamy: nightie night!!!
    lollipOpCamy: but if you see this in the day time..
    lollipOpCamy: buongiorno!!
    lollipOpCamy: (goodday)
    lollipOpCamy: or (oodmorning)
    lollipOpCamy: whatever floats your boat
    lollipOpCamy: :-P
    lollipOpCamy: here is my llllllluuuubbbbb
    lollipOpCamy: and im shocking you tomorrow
    lollipOpCamy: damnit i cant we have no chorus
    lollipOpCamy: IM SHOKIG YOU FRIDAT
    lollipOpCamy: *FRUDAY
    lollipOpCamy: **FRIDAY
    lollipOpCamy: who invented spell check
    lollipOpCamy: i must thank them one day
    lollipOpCamy: have an obese shower, hw, sleep, school and lacrosse!!!
    lollipOpCamy: nincompoop
    lollipOpCamy: wow i just realised im kind of talking to myself bc you arent exactly here bc your away message is on and im kinda thinking outloud
    lollipOpCamy: wnaa know whatelse im tinking
    lollipOpCamy: why dont they have an abbrieviation for away message?
    lollipOpCamy: its just too much of a hassle to type
    lollipOpCamy: ok fine... its just bc im lazy
    lollipOpCamy: and it cant be am
    lollipOpCamy: be am means moring
    lollipOpCamy: *morning
    lollipOpCamy: which brings my to top of the morning to ya!
    lollipOpCamy: if youre reading this in the morning
    lollipOpCamy: see i am thinking to myself
    lollipOpCamy: this is all the random stuff tat goes through my had
    lollipOpCamy: and now you get to hear it all
    lollipOpCamy: ahahha
    lollipOpCamy: jk
    lollipOpCamy: i really think i should stop
    lollipOpCamy: i wonder how many ims is sent yu
    lollipOpCamy: WHY DONT I COUNT THEM!!!
    lollipOpCamy: ok here i go
    lollipOpCamy: ok i am pretty sure its 44
    lollipOpCamy: no ait now 45
    lollipOpCamy: nope now 46
    lollipOpCamy: no now its 47
    lollipOpCamy: wait 48 now
    lollipOpCamy: nope 49...
    lollipOpCamy: oh whatever its 51 if i send this...
    lollipOpCamy: haha tricked you there you thought i was guna say 50 didnt you!!
    lollipOpCamy: but now its 52
    lollipOpCamy: i mean 53
    lollipOpCamy: nooo its 54!!
    lollipOpCamy: damnit it 56 if i send this i got it i got it
    lollipOpCamy: ok im officiallly done thinking outloud
    lollipOpCamy: but this is fun
    lollipOpCamy: i just hope you get all of these
    lollipOpCamy: :-(
    lollipOpCamy: omg what if you dont!
    lollipOpCamy: see thinking outoud
    lollipOpCamy: maybe i shold sing a song...
    lollipOpCamy: BC IT IS THE BEST SONG EVVVEEERR!!!!!!1
    lollipOpCamy: im rocking a bmx bike!!!!!
    lollipOpCamy: ahaha i love it!!!
    lollipOpCamy: woah woaaaaoh woaaaaaoh woaaaaaah
    lollipOpCamy: woah woaaaaaah woaaaaaaah woaaaaaaaah
    lollipOpCamy: did you know tha ti frrestyle wherever i go???
    lollipOpCamy: woah many typos
    lollipOpCamy: hah! woah!
    lollipOpCamy: ok i should reallly go
    lollipOpCamy: this is etting freaky
    lollipOpCamy: but im most def saving this
    lollipOpCamy: okeys
    lollipOpCamy: did i send you enough love??
    lollipOpCamy: hahah
    lollipOpCamy: LOVE YOU MARISSA!!!!
    lollipOpCamy is away at 10:57:20 PM.

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