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Julie (thejulienater) wrote,
@ 2004-11-21 17:09:00
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    So let me go.. And you willf ind someone.
    You know, im in love with Yellowcard these days. Yup..

    And You know, no one reads this journal. lol. I dunno why im even updating this. o0o: This can be my secret journal. I can Gossip about peoples.

    No, im too nice. :-P

    Anyway, my dad had surgery on Thursday. It went well i guess. It was for a disc in his neck and they had to replace it with a new one. So he has a neck brace on and he looks funny. At least he can do stuff on his own now. The first 2 days we had to do everything for him.. lol. And last night i slept on the couch so i could hear him if he started to die or something lol and he woke up at like 3 a.m, and started to turn on the lights and cook. Geez.. im glad i wasnt sleeping or anything ;). My Grandpa and Uncle came over to see him today too.

    I didnt go to school Thur. or Fri. So i had a nice 4 day weekened. I got the new Sims game (Urbz). Its kinda boring, but i like it 'cause its hard. Yeahh.. I need to start studying for my make-up tests :-/ I saw Tommy on Saturday at Wal-MART. He was with his brother and i was being all pushed out of the way by stupid people that wanted 25 cent stuff. HE was like "stupid mexicans, turn around and tell them to speak effing English!" lmao. Thats mean.

    Well, i think im gonna go now to day dream and cook myself some food! Dont miss me too much invisible friends :)


    P.S 10 DAYS UNTIL MY B-DAY!! Yay.

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