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Young Girl (thehunger) wrote,
@ 2004-07-12 22:17:00
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    Current mood: energetic
    Current music:Placebo-Nancy Boy

    I know the last in line is always called a bastard
    Horoscopes look better standing still...

    Pisces - Your Horoscope for July 12 - 18

    You may find some tangles in romantic relationships right now.

    Your sexual drive is quite strong, and you may be more concerned with satisfying your own desires than in being sensitive to your partner.

    All interactions with people of the opposite sex are inclined to be tense right now.

    Also this week is a time when it is difficult to stay within a budget or on a diet, as your tendency is to splurge on beautiful things and to enjoy yourself as much as possible.

    You want comfort and ease and have luxurious tastes.

    Quality is especially important to you right now.

    Also, you want to share whatever good fortune you have.

    You need company and happy fellowship.

    It's a good time for a party, as long as you don't overdo it.

    Remember you always end up lying down in the bed you made for yourself!

    This horoscope provided by Astrology Source.
    Learn about your inner self, friends, and lovers.

    Get your free blog ready horoscope for this week at Blogthings.

    Pisces - Your Love Profile

    Your positive traits:

    You're very tuned into your lover's feelings - and always doing something caring.

    Sweetness - you're the most romantic person your parnter has ever met.

    You get easily swept away and are a total delight to fall in love with.

    Your negative traits:

    You are super duper sensitive and find it hard to get out of a sad mood.

    It's difficult for you to tell your sweetie no, even when you should.

    You often tell your partner what they want to hear, instead of being honest.

    Your ideal partner:

    Is straight from a fairy tale - the man or woman of your dreams

    Is a total romantic, with an artistic or creative side

    Loves to express their love to you, in all sorts of unique ways

    Your dating style:

    Dreamy. You like traditional romantic dates, like picnics in the park and candlelight dinners.

    Your seduction style:

    Fearless - you try what your parnter suggests, no matter how unusual.

    Loving. You'll take your pleasure second, if necessary.

    Internal. A lot of your enjoyment takes place within your head.

    Tips for the future:

    Be more realistic. Your romantic ideal is nice, but it may just not happen.

    Let go of your fear of rejection - it's holding you back from being with your true love.

    Open yourself up to a new love. The person you think you want make not be the one..

    Best place to meet someone online:

    Platinum Romance - singles who value love, romance, and caring relationships as much as you do

    Best color to attract mate: Seafoam green

    Best day for a date: Friday

    Get your free love profile at Blogthings.

    Pisces - Horoscope for July

    A mysterious, dreamy, or hypersensitive mood comes over you.

    You may want to retreat from mundane life into some beautiful music, inspirational or escapist literature, or simply your own imagination.

    You are also gullible at this time and more responsive to atmospherics and subtle vibrations, which you might ignore or be oblivious to at other times.

    Perfume, incense, colors, and lighting all have a more pronounced effect on you.

    You may have a temporary lapse in good judgment and common sense.

    You disregard superficial or pat answers to your questions now and you feel impelled to probe until you get to the bottom of some situation.

    Mysteries, unsolved riddles, and topics that people usually avoid or sweep under the rug occupy your thoughts.

    When speaking, you tend to be very insistent or even fanatical about your point of view, which will either utterly convince your listeners or repel them completely.

    This horoscope provided by Astrology Source.
    Learn about your inner self, friends, and lovers.

    Get your free blog ready horoscope for this week at Blogthings.

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2004-07-13 01:39 (link)
hey you. Emily said you said nice things about me. well I said nice things about you. teehee. I'm so bored. Smell ya later.


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