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Lucky (thebongripper) wrote,
@ 2002-11-20 01:15:00
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    the first hit
    this is my first entry... it won't be great until i get a hang of this thing. i don't normally deal with these newfangled contraptions (computers) but i'm stuck at my lame- ass mom's house with nothing to do. i can barely talk to my mom. i feel like i'm 5 levels higher than my mom.... talking with her is like trying to hold a conversation with a wall.
    bryan (my love) and i are homeless to be technical. we're not sleeping in the streets or anything, but we don't have an actual place to call home. i have to stay with my mom and he with his dad. we don't have a mode of transportation so it makes it really hard for us to see each other. i hate being separated from him, i want to cry everytime i realize hes not gunna be around and not gunna be home right after work and even worse, hes not there in bed at night. i have been living with bryan our whole relationship.... let me give you background about me and bryan so my life won't be so confusing.
    bryan's little sister is my best friend. one year bryan was looking through shelley's yearbook, pointed me out and said i was the only cute girl in her school. two years later i really needed to live away from my mom so i moved in with shells. coincidentally bryan just got dumped by his girlfriend in San Luis Obisbo and needed to come back to the bay area. he moved in with his friend jorge, who was dating bryan and shelley's mom at the time. so i moved in and then it started.
    the first time i met bryan i told his shells that one day he'd be mine..... and she didn't believe me. we've been together for a year and a couple of months and we show no sign of slowing down. our relationship started out unstable, but now, i haven't seen a relationship as solid as ours. it seems like we were made for eachother. our bodies fit together perfectly when we're laying down, i'm everything he ever wanted in a girl, hes all i've ever wanted.... my pussy is even just as deep as his cock.
    oooman...... i didn't even realize how much of nothing in peticular i have to talk about..... stay tuned til next time when i can tell you alllllll about my exciting day at community service.... i'll also talk about my STD..... heres someting scary about my disease... 8 out of 10 people are infected and most don't even know it.

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2002-11-20 05:40 (link)
I know how you feel when you say you can bearly talk to your mom so in so many ways I can relate to what you are saying but trust me it will get better at some point.

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2002-11-20 08:04 (link)
i'm anxious to here about your STD.

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2002-11-21 16:18 (link)
I know where you're coming from about talking to your mom and missing your love and everything. It's tough but things will get better. Keep tokin' :P

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