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The Boho Kid (thebohokid) wrote,
@ 2004-10-28 23:57:00
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    Current mood: nervous
    Current music:Hotel California - Eagles

    Poor fluffly cakes!!!!
    Putting my head inside my cat's head is the worst thing imaginable, because a simple trip like going to the vet can be shattering for a creature so small, and even now, a day after, I feel when I look into my cat's eyes, like he is hurt, or he is wondering why we put him through that?

    I can't stand seeing him inside his cage, it just hurts to see him looking so scared, and even more so with his little shaved patch of hair missing from his chest. Im just truly hoping that he is gonna be alright, because I cannot even imagine how it would be for my family and i if anything happened to him. I personally could not bear it. And to all those people who think animals are so much less in the chain of what's valuable compared to people, well they can maybe just....

    FUCK OFF!!

    I hate people who think like that, because they obviously do not understand how it is to have someone else in the family who isn't a human, but a cat, or a dog, or any other species for that matter.

    It troubles me to think someone can live with a dog or cat for so many years and when their death comes around think "oh well it's just a dog/cat". It bothers me that there are people like that. Stupid people!

    Just like those people who want to ban pit-bulls now from Ontario, because there is a coincidence of attacks on humans by them. How is it those pit-bulls faults. It is the responsibility of the owner for what they do, not the dogs, and I do not think banning them is fair, to the people that own them, and to the animal itself. Any animal can be trained to be agressive you cannot just blame the entire breed. That's exaclty like stereotyping humans, something that we pretend we do not do.

    I guess it's hard to expect for us humans not to treat animals right when we can't even treat humans right either.

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