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Jackie (the_true_hurts) wrote,
@ 2004-06-26 13:30:00
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    Current mood: bitchy
    Current music:i miss u

    its been to long and im lost without you ...
    mood: awake
    music: with yo
    wow so i havent updated in a while ...

    it's sat morning and i should be getting ready to go to bryans party but im not. haha i kinda dont wanna go since his sister and mother both hate me and they will def be there. wow a fun afternoon i am in for. i just hope they dont like start shit cause i swear im gonna tell them both what i think of them at this point. 2 years is a long time ... you'd think they'd get use to the idea that im bryans girlfriend by now. um... wow they must be slow or drunks or something.

    haha so this morning my car was parked out side the house and the lady who lives next to me hit it. haha wow i wasnt meant to drive. lol but its all good cause nothing happened to my car.

    after the party i think i am going to hang out with bryan at my house then do whatever ((hehe)) tomorrow i am going to fair with sam and chris and some other ppl. i cant wait :0) fun fun fun - or so i hope.

    to christina martin and i are no long speaking .. and i think i might dislike her a lot right now. So we were hanging out and dorothy called and she was really upset because ashley passed away, so i gave the phone to saichi thinking he could help better then i could, so i was talking to christina in the car and she made a comment that dorothy was upset by. So dotty didnt take it lightly she was mad as all hell. So a little bit goes by and christina and fucking talking shit about me in my car to saichi i was like you fucking have nerve you bitch. So i drove her home and we had a few words. Then saichi and i met up and talked and the whole thing was blamed on guess who ... me! So now that everything is my fault .. i mean world wars .. my fault .. like no it wasnt my fault she couldnt keep her fucking mouth shut and got in trouble for it so fuck her. i am done with her. She was making me feel like shit all day. ok heres that story .. her comments will and do get her in shit. she showed me her car and i was like whoo bad grand ams being as wilson and i both totalled ours and she was like well i can drive YET she failed her driving test. Hum good job asshole.All fucking day comments like that she was making to me so fuck her. She's so stupid. I didnt know somone could really be that dumb. I am so mad right now ... arh! I really hope she reads this .. cause she needs to know she's a fucking bitch and no one really likes her they just put up with her drama shit cause they feel bad .. awwww im sorry i didnt wanna be the one t0 be mean and say that .. but i was. Sorry .. haha yea ok ...

    onto things that i care about ...

    monday at 10:30 i gotta meet the cheerleaders at the school we are presenting ashley with her cheering stuff. wow thats gonna be sad :0(

    im gonna go now ... i gotta get ready for this party.

    * kiss kiss *

    * jaxs *

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