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Jackie (the_true_hurts) wrote,
@ 2004-05-14 23:05:00
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    Current mood: sad
    Current music:breakfast at tiffany's - matchbox 20

    you say the world has come between us - still i know you just dont care
    H e a r t / B r o k e n

    tonight is not a good night for me ...
    i cant belive this .... it's over ... it's really done.

    i'm sorry i cant be perfect !!!!!

    I want to get this all off my chest so bear with me ....

    if i could tell him how i feel this is what i'd say ....

    bryan (bebe) -

    i am so sorry for everything that went wrong in our relationship. I loved you more and more with each passing day and though we arent together i will always love you. I am not going to sit here and beg for you to come back im just going to thank you for everything. Thank you for showing me how love feels, how good it feels to hear i love you or you the bestest. How good it feels when you are looking into eachothers eyes, in eachothers arms, and not saying a word but having a covo. How my skips a beat when you smile, or how i get all red when you say i love you (too). How i get the butterflies in my tummy when you whisper sweet nothings in my ear. Bryan i know this good bye but just know this is also hello to a friendship. I will always be here for you. We were together 2 years and 12 days - thats a long time jsut to turn your back and walk out over nothing, dont you think? Come back home ... lets talk about this ... cause im dying without you ... im sorry i cant be good enough for you but ill try my hardest to prove to you that i love you and i cant stand the thought of being without you.
    Im no where near perfect and i know that but i will try really hard for you. You are my entire world. I'm sorry bebe .... love me .... say that you love me ....

    Okay sorry i had to get that off my chest .... well i guess everything has been said ... now all i need is the guts to say that to him, huh? he wouldnt care ... whats the use. All i wanna do it hold him close, just one more kiss ... one more i love you, one more anything ....


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