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Jackie (the_true_hurts) wrote,
@ 2004-04-11 23:17:00
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    Current mood: confused
    Current music:forgive |

    i always said that'd be it .. that i wouldnt stick around if it ever came to this ....
    I always said that'd be it
    That I wouldn't stick around if it ever came to this
    So here I am, so confused
    How am I supposed to leave when I can't even move?
    In the time it would have took to say "honey I'm home, how was your day?"
    You dropped the bomb right where we live
    And just expect me to forgive...

    Well that's a mighty big word for such a small man
    And I'm not sure I can
    Cause I don't even know now who I am
    It's too soon for me to say...forgive

    I should ask but I won't
    Was it love or just her touch?
    Cause I don't think I wanna know
    So get you some things
    And get out
    Don't call me for a day or two
    So I can sort this out
    Well you might as well have ripped the life right out of me
    Right here tonight
    And through the fallin tears you said
    "Can you ever just forgive?"

    You know what they say
    Forgive and forget
    Relive and regret

    Forgive...'s too soon for me to say FORGIVE

    i love that song - it's just amazing <3
    lol i am sucha loser ... haha

    so yea i am @ dorothy's house right now ... watching a movie .. fun huh? lol yea sorta
    skee and bryan are here too :) fun fun fun !!

    talking about cheering right now one wants to do it anymore - ppl needs to learn that we are only kids in high school - we need .... nevermind.... this is all just bullshit!

    Anywho - im gonna go watch the movie now ... later


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